Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
March 10, 2024 ·  6 min read

When Your Parents Are Not Rich But Still Afford To Give You a Beautiful Life, Appreciate Their Sacrifices

The best thing about parental sacrifices is the sense of obligation that comes with it. Parents do not feel as though they are moving mountains or shaking up the world by taking care of their children. They are simply living up to their responsibilities and all that matters is raising happy, well-adjusted, and responsible individuals.  It gives me goosebumps to think about the struggles my parents faced so that we could have a good life as kids. They never had so much, but they gave us the best of what they could afford at any time. I used to read about parents who worked two jobs to make ends meet, and I never grasped the concept until I became a teenager and my mom fell into that role. I’d never seen anyone so stressed and exhausted, yet so determined. She was always tired, but she never complained when we needed her. She’d occasionally deal with guilt because she wasn’t always there to support her girls emotionally. It didn’t matter that she was working so hard to provide for us. She just felt like she wasn’t doing everything required of her as a mom. 

To the parents who didn’t have too much…

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But still gave their children amazing lives and deep appreciation. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten, and for those of us who will have children of our own, we’ve watched you lay the sacrificial foundation. Times may have changed and societal norms are different now, but the seeds of overwhelming parental love sewn in us will never be uprooted.

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We should be thankful to our parents…

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For the years of exhausting days and sleepless nights. We are so busy growing up, that we often forget they are also growing old. It’s a privilege to have parents who worked hard to provide for you. So many people didn’t have that, and many others have never known parental love and care. If you’re lucky to have had at least one parent striving for you, always let them know how much you appreciate them, and the best way to do this is by taking care of them now, in their golden years. They would need the same love and support they gave out endlessly in their youth, and while they are not holding you to any obligation, they are certainly hoping you’d be there for them.

6 amazing sacrifices our parents make to give us a better life

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It takes a lot of courage and strength to decide to be a parent. Although not every parent lives up to the role, the ones who do would have to give up so much to protect their young. The moment a person becomes a parent is a huge transformation point in their lives. They’ve just signed an unseen contract to always put the child first, no matter what may come their way. Below are just a few of the immeasurable sacrifices they made to give us good lives:

Social life

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One of the biggest changes parents make when their babies start coming is to cut down on social activities. They stop hanging out as much as they used to or even completely to make enough time for their kids. Children would usually grow up with a pack of friends and social activities planned out for them, but parents have to give theirs up to make this happen. They may go out once in a while but that’s just about it. Boys’ Club Night and Girls’ Night Out would be put on permanent hold without question.

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Your mom gave up her body

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One of the greatest sacrifices of all. She wholeheartedly took up the draining processes of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery. It’s one of the most amazing and deeply sacrificial journeys that any living human can undertake, and mothers go through it with love and hearty expectation. She chooses to allow her body to be transformed beyond her control for her baby to be born. She bears the increasing weight for nine months and goes through unimaginable pain to deliver her child. Sometimes, she may require a surgical operation, and recovery from this deeply invasive procedure is not a journey for the light-hearted. Her body would definitely morph out of shape for this process, and she’d have to work hard to get it back afterward. Mothers often have to deal with baby blues, postpartum depression, low self-esteem, full-blown depression, and a host of other mental and emotional issues while still being there for their newborns and children. Mothers are forces of nature, and this is a fact.

Peaceful nights, privacy, and alone time

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You won’t remember this now, but you probably cried a lot during your infant and toddler years, especially at night. Your parents forgot what peaceful nights were because sometimes, they’d spend hours trying to calm you down. How many times did you bang on the bathroom door or yell from the kitchen? They forgot the concept of alone time during your tender years, but as children grow into teens and young adults, they are less needy and more capable of taking care of themselves. 

Relaxing holidays

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When you came into your parents’ lives, the concept of “holidaying” changed as well. Holidays became mostly geared towards showing the children other places outside of their home area, rather than relaxing. Children are not easy to look after, and you can’t exactly relax as much as you need when you’re constantly watching over them and tending to their endless needs. Year in, year out, they’d work and hustle, and when it was time to vacation, they’d continue chasing after you. 

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How many times did you break stuff and your parents had to replace them? They’d yell, ground you for days or send you to the corner as a child, but that’s just about it. Kids would drag their parents to the extremes and they’d still wake up loving you with all of their heart. They always come through for their teenage kids getting into trouble and their adult children making bad decisions. No matter how many times you falter, your parents will always be there for you. They may get angry and say things they don’t mean in the rage of the moment, but soon after, it will be all about this child of theirs once again.

Food For Thought

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To the parents who sacrificed their comfort and peace so we could be happy; to the ones who starved so their children could eat; to the ones who worked and struggled all through their youthful years to keep a roof over our heads; to the ones who gave the entirety of their lives to their children — we are grateful.

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