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Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
January 8, 2024 ·  4 min read

Dads: Treat Your Wives The Way You Want Your Daughter To Be Treated – Like A Queen

The golden rule states that you should “treat others the way you want to be treated.” It’s such a simple philosophy yet people sometimes find it very hard to keep it. But here’s a twist. Dads, it’s time for you all to treat your wives the way you want your daughters to be treated: like the queens they are.

Parents, you need to observe the rule

It’s not enough to say you are the parent and just use your words to teach your kids, you must have to live by examples. It’s every father’s nightmare to think of their daughters as being in a relationship. In their minds, they want to preserve the image of their innocent little girls for as long as is possible. 

Unfortunately for them, that young girl will become a young woman someday. Don’t despair dear fathers, you can help your daughter make the right decision and not settle for less than she deserves.

Children create their models for what romantic relationships look like from their parents so try to set a solid foundation for them. [1] 

And how do you go about that? 

Simple… Treat your wife well. Your daughter is very impressionable at a young age. Movies and romance novels will only do so much in teaching her what is obtainable in real life. These love shows tend to be so far off target that you end up asking “who comes up with this stuff?”

Treating your wife well shows your daughter a glimpse of more real love.

Dads: Treat Your Wives Like You Want Your Daughters To Be Treated

  1. Smile – Yes, smile. Smile at your wife. You don’t have to wait for her to make the joke of the century. Just look at her from across the table and flash a dazzling smile. This not only puts your daughter at ease, it also tugs at your wife’s heartstrings and make her very happy.
  2. Respect her – You’d think this is a no-brainer but with the rate toxic masculinity is spreading, it certainly isn’t. Listen to her, even when you don’t agree with her; keep in mind that just because your opinions differ doesn’t make hers any less valid. So when you disagree, do not insult her, especially not in front of the kids. [2]
  3. Help out around the house – Don’t just sit there like a sack of potatoes and order your wife about. Helping out in the kitchen or folding the laundry is a little thing but it goes a long way. It also makes your daughters learn that they don’t have to become a slave to the man they end up with. They will then be on the lookout for a man who is willing to jump in and help out with the basic things. 
  4. Make it a point to always spend time with your wife – Not just spending time with her, but spending quality time with her. A man should make it a priority to spend time with his wife and family. 
  5. Open up – Your daughter should see you as an open book. Do not be scared of emotions, be yourself, and open up to your wife. Let your daughter see that there is nothing wrong with a man talking about his feelings. 
  6. Be humble – Don’t go about acting like you know what’s best for the whole world. Don’t assume you know or that you should know more than your wife. Respect her opinions and don’t go out of your way to make her look stupid. 
  7. Forgive each other – Let your kids see that sometimes people make mistakes and that it’s ok to forgive their significant others when need be. 
  8. Appreciate your wife – Even if it’s just a little thank you here and there, say it. This is a very important way of letting someone know you appreciate them. Teach your daughter that it is only proper that she is appreciated for her efforts. That way, if ever she’s in a relationship where she’s not being appreciated then she will know exactly what to do. [3] 

Would your daughter want to marry someone like you? 

Or would you want your daughter to marry someone like you? These are perhaps the most reasonable questions you have to ask yourself. Is your answer ‘yes,’ or did you think about it for a minute and say, “well I want her to do better”? If the latter is the case, then perhaps you need to work on yourself. 

Your daughter should use you as a standard with which she compares every guy she meets. You should be a yardstick of some sort to her. If your daughter ends up with a bad fellow after probably watching you, then do not blame “the generation.” Instead blame yourself. [4]

But don’t let it get to that, start now to think about the kind of example you want to set for your daughter and work towards it.

Bottom line is, dads: it’s time to treat your wives so much better. Be an example for your daughters!

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