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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 3, 2024 ·  3 min read

2-Year-Old Orders 31 Cheeseburgers After Mom Leaves Phone Unlocked

If you have a 2-year-old at home, and you leave your phone with them- what happens next is on you. After all, if your phone is unlocked, anyone can prank you. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a mother from Texas was innocently pranked by her infant. How? She received a DoorDash delivery of 31 cheeseburgers! And since she wasn’t throwing a party- it definitely gave her a shock.

Although Kelsey Golden hadn’t ordered anything- her son did. Incidentally, it did hit her that her son Barrett- who loves playing with her phone- could do it. As it stands, he was fiddling with her phone. All this- while she was dealing with an annual yearbook for a school. A child’s priorities- eh?

But then- how much does an infant even know about phones? Kelsey mentioned that her son used her phone as a toy- and loved looking at the camera. Interestingly, he never played any game or opened any app. So this time- he was hit with a bout of adventure, apparently. Rather than checking his reflection like he did- he went on running his fingers around the screen.

Kelsey stated, “He starts pressing the screen, swinging it around like his arm is a roller coaster.” Since it was quite a frequent event- his mother didn’t really care much about it. 

2-Year-old Decides To Order 31 Cheeseburgers- No Motive Found!

When she received a notification from DoorDash- she was quite amused to see that it would take some time. Usually, the delivery service was instant, as she frequently ordered from the app. Also, she had actually packed her children’s lunches that day. So the delivery was quite surprising. To confirm, she even asked her friend if her children were eating lunch.

Right as she said that, I was outside playing with Barrett on the porch. A car pulls in and I was like, ‘What? So I went over to it, and she gets out a giant McDonald’s bag and is like ‘31 cheeseburgers?’

Initially, Kelsey thought that the delivery was for the wrong address. “Then it dawned on me that Barrett was playing with my phone. I thought, oh my gosh, he really did this.

Interestingly, Barrett seems to be a fan of delivery workers. After all, he left them a 25% tip- bringing the order to $91.70. But what really surprised Kelsey was that cheeseburgers were selected. As it stands, no one in their family liked burgers. 

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A Happy and Hilarious Ending

Nevertheless, she later took to Facebook- on her phone again- and started offering cheeseburgers.

“It kind of blew up from there,” Kelsey said. “One woman came by, she was pregnant and wanted six of them. No judgment.” She also decided to give a few of them to their neighbors.

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After this went viral, Golden, and her trigger-friendly son Barrett were invited to meet the staff at McDonald’s. There he took pictures with McDonald’s mascots and enjoyed some chicken nuggets. Also, though Kelsey stated she would be careful about her phone, she was also happy. “I hope it spreads a little humor in a sad, dark world.

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