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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 4, 2024 ·  3 min read

Woman dubbed as TikTok’s biggest catfish shares before and after pics

Jessy Volk from Canada has gained over 966,000 followers on Tiktok. How? Just by sharing her transformative ‘get ready with me’ videos on the app. The young TikTok influencer first became viral sometime last year when she started showing off her makeup skills. Well, since then, her videos have received more than a 23million views. 

The Videos

Her videos consist of her doing her hair and makeup. Totally transforming herself, leaving her viewers completely stunned over how incredibly different she looks with and without makeup. So many of her TikTok followers are absolutely amazed at her makeup skills and love praising her for it. They leave comments such as, ‘You’re so freaking talented’, ‘I think you are a magician with makeup! Love it’ and ‘Man I live for your before and after’s, you have serious skill.’ 

However, there are some people, mostly men, who think that Jessy is catfishing them with her makeup videos, calling her skill, ‘ So scary’. One viewer left a comment reading, ‘That’s like slapping a Ferrari sticker on a Honda,’ and another reading, ‘This is why I have trust issues.

There were many other distasteful comments left by viewers like, ‘Why you catfishing?’ ‘False advertisement’ and ‘I’d need a full refund in the morning.’ But despite the negative comments she receives on her videos, Jessy seems completely undeterred by the haters and continues to make successful makeup videos of herself.

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Why She Does It

In all of Jessy’s videos, you are able to see her before makeup face. Her face is oily and her skin has acne, both are skin conditions that society has dubbed as unflattering or ‘ugly’. Jessy received a comment on one of her videos writing, ‘Results are always flawless but the way you normalize real skin🥰I show my daughters.’ To which Jessy replied; ‘This made my heart so full and is exactly why I do what I do.’ 

Jessy said that she is proud to normalize real skin and to show off her flaws, she also loves receiving comments from people who have said she gave them more confidence to love their skin. 

Jessy Lists The Products She Uses

The beauty influencer has also listed some of the products she uses such as ABH’s Dip Brow, Nars’ Soft Matte Cream Concealer, the Forever Skin Foundation by Dior, and Patrick Ta’s Major Sculpt Cream Contour as her go-to’s in her videos. She also credited Houglass’ Vanish Concealer with helping her cover her acne.

In one of her videos, Jessy reflected on her viral TikTok fame by writing, “When I went viral for being the “Biggest catfish on TikTok,” so I became a beauty influencer and got in my bag [of money].

Not only has Jessy become famous for her transformative beauty videos she has also become an inspiration for women around the world suffering from acne. A sin condition that can leave one feeling ashamed and ‘ugly’. It’s truly inspiring seeing how unbothered she is by the negative comments she receives, most by men. The comments left by these men are also an insight into the brainwashed mind of society, as some men believe that women who use makeup to cover their flaws are tricksters. This is not only a dangerous view to have but a simple one. 

So In Conclusion 

It’s time we as a society normalize skin and all its flaws. Women are beautiful, with or without makeup and what Jessy’s doing is showing women and girls around the world that acne and shiny skin are normal, and that makeup can be used to not only cover the flaws, if you want it to but also be used to enhance one’s features. 

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