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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 11, 2024 ·  3 min read

Kids Have to Sell Their Toys to Pay Rent Because Their Mom Is Sick

Sometimes, life throws a curveball. While some are born in luxury, others have to sell their toys to make ends meet. A group of kids was recently seen in South Africa- where they were selling their toys. They were actually looking for help, with a face full of desperation. Luckily, a single stranger took notice of that. The stranger, BI Phakathi, then approached the group and listened to their tale. Apparently, the siblings had to fend for themselves. Their father had passed away, and their mother was diagnosed with cancer. Now, this can be earth-shattering news for people well established in their lives. So, imagine the impact it had on kids who had no means to survive.

Kids In South Africa Get Help From A Samaritan

In order to get by, the kids started selling whatever they had at home to raise some cash. A video that went viral showed the older siblings selling old teddy bears. All in the hopes that they would be able to make something out of it. When the kids saw Phakathi, they rushed over to him. They tried to sell him their teddy bears, but the stranger didn’t want any. Rather, he wanted to help them without any compensation. The viral clip showed Phakathi asking the siblings how he could be of help to them. While the girls stated that they wanted money for food, that was not the main cause. The family also needed money to pay their rent. 

The kids trying to sell their teddy bear on the road.
Image Credits: YouTube

The stranger went on to state, “I’m trying to assist, and the best possible way is to assist people who are doing the right things.” After this, he handed the children a bundle of cash. Deciding to test if they had received some schooling, he asked them, “Do you know how to count? Can you count this?”

One can understand that after the kids received the money- they had a look of utmost relief. Phakathi didn’t just stop there- he also handed them another bundle of cash. Incidentally, his donation was just about enough to deal with their rent and monthly expenses. 

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Humanity Isn’t About Earning Wealth- It is About Earning Love

While some could state that this was simply a coincidence, the kids believe this to be fate. One of the siblings stated that they had previously prayed for help. And as luck would have it, they found Phakathi in their way. Needless to say, the family was not about to forget the man’s kindness. In a world where humanity was slowly eroding, we needed men like Phakathi- who would go out of the way. 

We know that the money wasn’t inexhaustible. The kids would soon have to look for other means possible. But just for a day, even if it were just for a moment, the children would be able to share the joy between them. This would also teach the siblings that humanity rested on the shoulders of well-meaning humans. Even if nothing else, the children would understand the value of doing the right thing. 

From Kids To Customers- Samaritans Are Everywhere!

Incidentally, BI Phakathi wasn’t just the only samaritan for the kids. A cashier in Walmart named Gloria also paid for the groceries of someone who needed help. She used her own debit card to settle the payment. The cashier then stated that she had always tried to assist people when they came up short. Her kindness did make a big difference, even if it was minute in the grander scale of things.

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