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‘No one gave my ‘baby’ son a seat on the train- and I’m outraged’

Social media has really brought us closer to a whole host of outraged parents who want special treatment given to their kids. Recently, one woman went on TikTok to express her outrage over the fact that no one offered her young son a seat on a train. However, it sort of backfired since a lot of the comments roasted her for the outrage. The video that accompanied the TikTok, which has a view count of more than 2.1 million times, showed one user with her son, who appeared to be a toddler, sitting on the floor of a train in London because there were no seats available. In the caption, the outraged mother wrote, “All these people watching my baby sit on the floor in priority seats area! Oblivious.

The train that this woman was on was the Southern Rail Train, according to the Daily Mail. If one were to go through the website, one would find it mentioned that one had to purchase a train ticket if one wanted to board the train. However, children under the age of 5 would ride for free. And as it turns out, Kelly’s child was under the age limit. The website reads, “You can bring up to two children under five with you free of charge if you have a ticket – however they can only use a seat if it’s not needed by another passenger with a ticket.

The clip showing the child seating on the floor after not getting a seat on a train.
Image Credits: TikTok | @kellyk2016

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Mother Outraged That No One Gave Up Their Seat On The Train For Her Toddler

While we can understand the outrage of the mother who would never want her child to sit on the floor of a train, the rest of the viewers were definitely not happy with this TikTok and called out the user’s sense of entitlement. One user commented, “Kids don’t take priority seats. Disabled people, pregnant women, the elderly, or babes in arms.” Another individual commented, “Life lesson: book tickets in advance with sitting… why do you think your son takes priority? Because you say so?” A third commenter typed, “Kids sit on the floor, adults have chairs. That’s called respect.” And finally, another user joked, “He’ll have PTSD when he’s older. Such a traumatic event.

The clip also showing the other people sitting on the seats, unbothered.
Image Credits: TikTok | @kellyk2016

In the comment section itself, Kelly did clarify that she would have given up her seat on the train for her child if she had a seat. However, she had to stand as well. There were quite a few TikTokers who stuck up for Kelly and her son. They stated that it was in poor manners to sit even when a child is standing. One user mentioned, “Poor form from the passengers and in the comments. I’d give up my seat for a child in a second.” Another individual mentioned, “People saying ‘those seats are for the elders’ half of those people aren’t elders. I’d give up my seat for a mama with a kid, but that’s just how I’m raised.

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time that people have been fuming over etiquette when it comes to children. While there haven’t been other instances of people not giving up their seats on the train, the previous November, people on Reddit slammed the parents of a toddler after they let the child run wild during a long eight-hour flight. In December, another individual claimed that after she had refused to switch her seats with a woman who was traveling with her child, the child had crawled up on her. 

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