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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 25, 2024 ·  3 min read

Plane Passenger Wakes Up To Child Drawing On Sock: ‘Only Yourself To Blame’

Flights can be quite nerve-wracking for those who are not used to it- but have you ever heard any passenger talk about their socks painted by a co-passenger? Well, apparently that was recently the case. A female passenger was naturally quite shocked when she woke up to find a child drawing on her sock. But what seems to be even more surprising is that other passengers and social media users have been claiming that she deserved it.

The video of this incident was first shared by Julie Valentine, a UK travel blogger, but after that, it went viral as it was uploaded to the “Passenger Shaming” Instagram page. The video’s caption reads, “I woke up to some random kid drawing on my socks.” The clip also showed a woman clutching her socked foot- emblazoned with a bunch of scribbles that were done using a purple marker. 


As it turns out, her sympathetic approach didn’t work with the social media users, as most of them claimed that the passenger deserved this mural on her sock. The woman had propped her feet up between the seat and the cabin wall- which is a big no-no when it comes to airplane etiquette. One user on social media wrote, “Your feet were in their space it became their paper.” At the same time, another commented, “Only yourself to blame. If your feet are somewhere they can be drawn on then they are in the wrong place.

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Passenger Gets Her Socks Drawn On After She Props It Up On A Seat

A third individual wrote, “So wait, they’re [sic] feet were up in the space of the seat in front and a kid colored on them? Hah. Good on that kid.” Someone even commended the woman for keeping the child busy- as children are prone to throwing tantrums on flights. “She did the whole plane a service by giving that kid an activity.

There were some other social media users who felt that both of the passengers were in the wrong. One of them commented, “On the one hand, please tell your kids not draw on people’s socks. On the other hand, please tell your adult friend to stop putting his feet in other people’s space.” Some even righteously felt disgusted that the woman had taken her shoes off on the plane. “Keep your shoes on you savage. Keep your socks inside of your shoes. This is public transportation, not your personal spa day.

A travel account managed to sum up the entire debate pretty well. They commented, “We are often asked about wearing socks on planes, and we are 100% okay with it…IF they are clean, don’t smell, and stay in your own space and not propped on various parts of the aircraft. If you’ve ever flown first or business class you’ve probably been given a pair of socks or slippers, so it’s definitely a thing. Oh, and never ever ever go to the lavatory without wearing shoes, because the liquid on the floor is not water.”

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