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Chantel Brink
July 6, 2024 ·  3 min read

Flight Attendant Reveals Scary Reason Why Passengers Should Never Wear T-Shirts On a Flight

When planning your airport outfit, balancing fashion with practicality and comfort is essential. After all, a day of flying involves navigating terminals, going through security checks, and lugging around your suitcase. A flight attendant reveals the reasons why you should and shouldn’t do certain things while traveling.

The Cardinal Sin of T-Shirts in Air Travel & Andrea Fischbach’s Expert Insights

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While loose-fitted t-shirts are a staple in trendy travel ensembles, they are considered a major mistake by experienced flight attendants. Andrea Fischbach, a member of American Airlines cabin crew, emphasizes the importance of avoiding certain clothing items during air travel.

With years of experience observing passenger attire, Fischbach has identified common fashion mistakes that can hinder travel comfort and safety. Items such as tight-fitted clothing, high heels, and excessive jewelry often lead to inconveniences and delays, particularly at security checkpoints.

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Minimalist Approach for Maximum Comfort – The Hidden Dangers of T-Shirts

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Fischbach advises travelers to opt for a minimalist approach, avoiding items that could complicate their journey. However, she specifically warns against wearing t-shirts, citing potential dangers in emergency situations.

In an interview with, flight attendant Fischbach shared a critical lesson from her childhood: always keep your body covered during flights. “Emergency slides are not fun to go down and hurt a lot,” she explained. “The more you cover the surface of your skin, the more protection for your largest organ.”

Long Sleeves and Pants: A Safer Choice

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Fischbach practices what she preaches, choosing long sleeves and pants for her flights to ensure maximum skin protection. She highlights that being covered in fabric can significantly reduce injury risks during an emergency evacuation.

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Avoiding Flammable Materials & Risks of Restrictive Clothing

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Another crucial tip from flight attendant Fischbach is to avoid wearing clothing with fringes or made from flammable materials. She warns that such items pose a fire hazard in the rare event of an onboard fire. “While our uniforms have polyester in them, I always wonder and worry myself that they could be a hazard if they got too close to extreme heat and melt on us,” she added.

Fischbach also advises against wearing restrictive clothing during flights, especially for long journeys. Tight-fitted outfits can impede blood circulation and increase the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a serious condition where blood clots form in deep veins, typically in the legs.

Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis, Prioritizing Safety and Comfort

socks Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis, Prioritizing Safety and Comfort
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DVT can cause significant discomfort and health risks, including leg pain and swelling. Fischbach stresses the importance of wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and moving around during the flight to keep blood flowing.

In conclusion, while fashionable airport outfits are popular, it is crucial to prioritize safety and comfort. Following Andrea Fischbach’s expert advice can help ensure a more pleasant and secure travel experience, from check-in to landing.

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