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Jade Small
Jade Small
September 6, 2022 ·  3 min read

Woman calls for adults-only flights after listening to a child cry during her journey

Planning a trip can be the most exciting thing ever. The itinerary, the hotel and restaurant research, the activity searching, ensuring enough relaxation time is allocated, and everything else. There is one thing you do when you book your flights. That is crossing your fingers and hoping you don’t get stuck in a seat next to a child you don’t know. One woman has come up with a great plan for the airlines of the world. She thinks they should introduce adult-only flights. So non-parents can enjoy their flights without a baby screaming throughout. 

Morgan Lee endured three hours of a child crying on her flight
Image credit: TikTok / mooorganic

A plan for the airlines

In a cry for her sanity, 24-year-old Morgan Lee has posted a video on TikTok that has since gone viral. The young American woman was on a flight that lasted three hours. Throughout the entirety of the flight, she said she had a screaming baby in the seat behind hers. To make matters worse for her patience, the child was repeatedly kicking her seat. Furthermore, the mother was sleeping while this was happening.

In the video, you can see Morgan’s patience wearing thin as she filmed herself sitting in her window seat. The frustration of the child kicking the seat as well as the endless crying was becoming too much. Her solution, is for the airlines of the world to make child-free flights. This adult-only passage would hopefully ensure the comfort for all non-parents.

“Why isn’t there such a thing as adult-only flights? I would pay so much money for that,” she wrote in a text over the video. “The flight was three hours and I listened to this the entire time,” she said referring to the baby’s cries in the background of the clip. “I have noise cancelling headphones, the child was well over five years old, and they sat directly behind me while kicking my chair as the mother slept.”

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The flight was 3 hours and I listened to this the entire time #travel

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Backlash from Social media users

Morgan’s post received a lot of attention of TikTok. With over 650,000 views and almost 70,000 likes, there are 24,300 comments with varying opinions. Some people are completely onboard with Morgan’s idea, while others are not so keen. There were some parents who wished for a child-free flight, even though they are parents themselves. Others disagreed strongly.

Child crying on flight
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One person commented sarcastically, “Poor you. My heart goes out to you and the amount of hours you endured another human’s cries. I hope you’re better now.” Next, someone else agreed she make a different plan for herself by suggesting private planes. They typed, “They’re called private planes and you can book a private flight and pay as much as you want to have the plane for yourself.” Then, another person said: “And this is why people/parents/mums have anxiety when leaving the house. Because no grace is given.”

Some people agreed

No everyone was totally against Morgan’s child-free flight suggestion. Even some parents chimed in with their desire to travel without children onboard their flight. One mother commented, “I am a mother and I agree! I would pay more for an adult-only flight. Why is everyone so pressed?? She isn’t suggesting to throw them off board.”

Another person asked the other viewers why they are angry about her suggestion. She said, “why are people so mad[?] she’s not saying ban children from all flights she just wants an option for a child free flight.”

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