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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
April 11, 2024 ·  4 min read

Flight Attendant Says You Should Ask This Question to Get a Flight Upgrade – ‘It Has a 99% Success Rate’

Traveling has always been rather expensive, and prices seemingly continue to soar. Therefore, it’s always a nice surprise when things are discounted or, better, free. As such, a flight attendant has revealed the question to ask for a flight upgrade, and it has almost a foolproof success rate.

TikToker and flight attendant @cierra_mistt have gone viral after sharing some interesting tidbits for passengers hoping for a flight upgrade. The woman has more than 3 million followers on her channel, which she has deemed her, “life’s diary“. In the video, she said there are two methods to getting the flight upgrade, and one has a 99% success rate. The first is to consider a seat in the back of the plane.

TikToker sits in chair and reveals how to get a flight upgrade to her followers.
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“One thing the airlines don’t want you to know is that for the majority of flights, we have to move people for weight and balance purposes.” She shared. “When we move people all the way up to the front it’s not just because we are being nice, but normally if our flight is full, we have to move people.”

She explained that attendants start at the back row to move passengers up. “If that’s the case, the flight attendants are going to choose the people in the very last row to go up front, because then they can sit down there after doing their service,” she said.

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Flight Upgrade Method 2

If traveling on a full flight, attendants will often ask passengers to volunteer to switch flights, this is a good indicator that a flight upgrade may be an option. While they offer “freebies” or incentives to switch, she suggests not accepting. Instead, “First go to the gate agent, second give them a price and say that you want that in cash.” She shares. “When the gate agent is rebooking you for that next flight, make sure that they put you in first class to compensate for the time that you’re losing.”

Some people were apprehensive about her advice. “I’d rather not fly than sit in the back.” They wrote. Meanwhile, others commented in agreement with her statements. “That last row one happened to me before.” One follower disclosed.

“I picked the last seats for a trip to Amsterdam and was moved to business class and had 4 seats to myself…both ways!!” Said another.


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Airlines are Making Changes

For people who’ve traveled or attempted to book flights within the last few months, a flight upgrade may be the least of your worries. One thing that has become a common theme is that there are fewer flight options, and typically, there are more stops along the way. It’s no secret that companies are working harder to make up for their profit losses during the pandemic, leaving customers to pay more while getting less. However, most airlines offer some kind of incentive for passengers to use their services. However, many of the features are far more beneficial for those who are frequent travelers.

Unsurprisingly, passengers also get extra perks when they book business or first-class tickets. This includes amenities like blankets and pillows. Things that were once complimentary but now passengers in economy are required to pay for. Other things include a free carry-on bag, although this perk is still offered by some airlines. Moreover, airlines like Spirit have also started charging passengers a fee to print a boarding pass, something that was once complimentary. With so many changes being made by companies, it’s unclear what the future holds for travelers, or even shoppers for that matter. However, things like a free flight upgrade can undoubtedly make it a little easier to navigate through the uncertainty.

Alternative Perks to a Flight Upgrade

A flight upgrade isn’t the only perk that some airlines may offer. In fact, many have their own credit cards, offering customers incentives, rewards, and package deals for traveling. Additionally, when flights are canceled at the last minute and travel plans have been derailed for the night, many airlines will book a hotel for passengers and, in some cases, even pay. Assuming the situation meets the airline’s criteria.

The future of travel is, like many things today, unclear. However, knowing the policies and procedures of the airlines upon which you’ll travel can be incredibly advantageous in getting you a little more for your buck, particularly when things don’t go as planned and there may be a flight upgrade on the horizon.

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