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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 6, 2022 ·  4 min read

9-Year-Old Helps Save Mom’s Life By Ignoring Her Wishes

A Secret Life of Mom Highlight Story: Sometimes there are stories that are just too memorable, too beautiful, or too touching to keep locked away. That’s why we scour the archives and bring some of them back to experience again. They may make you smile or shed a tear, but they’re always meant to add a little something to your day.

The story we have for you today is not a recent one. It has made its circle around the world on various social media platforms. But, it is still one worth resurfacing because it leaves you with such an inspired sensation. This heart-warming story of a young boy. A boy who was so determined to help his mother. So much so that he ended up saving her life. She didn’t even know that she needed to be saved.

Mothers know best

We all know how it goes, our mothers and mother figures seem to always have an answer for everything, and as annoying as it can be, they are not often wrong. We tend to listen to our mothers, even if a little grudgingly because they are notorious for giving sound advice. In this case, it was the mother who needed to listen to her son, and if she had not, she might not be here today.

We so often overlook the wisdom of our children, passing it off for lack of life experience. This is our ego playing up because it is not impossible for us to overlook something that a child notices as a concern. Listening to a child is not a sign of weakness, but rather one of great strength. It is the art of setting yourself above your ego, which is not the easiest thing in the world. So where the age-old saying goes, it is not always true that “mothers know best” because as this story shows us, sometimes our children know better. 

Camdyn Likes to Help Out Around the House

The boy in question is 9 years old, and his name is Camdyn Smith. His mother, Kimberly Smith, had just had another baby, their youngest brother. She had three sons in total, and the last thing she expected was for her middle son to save her life. Most mothers believe that is what they are meant to do for their children, so it must have come as a complete surprise when she realized that had she not listened to her 9-year old, she might not be here to tell this story. 

9-Year-Old Helps Save Mom's Life by Ignoring Her Wishes

Camdyn was quite helpful at home, he knew that having a newborn at home is not the easiest task, and he tried his best to make things easier for his mother. He would tidy up the house, make bottles, and just about anything he saw needed getting done. Camdyn said the following. “I make bottles,” and he went on boastingly, “I changed Dylan’s diaper once!” This shows just how caring Camdyn really is, not to mention aware. Where most kids his age are glued to their screens, Camdyn is changing diapers and making bottles for his mother and younger brother. 

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He Saved His Mother’s Life!

One day when Camdyn returned home from school, he noticed that his mother was not doing so well. She seemed to be struggling to breathe because her breath sounded raspy and like it was a big effort to fill her lungs. This was a giant red flag for Camdyn. He urged his mother to go to the hospital to make sure she was fine. “I told her she needed to go to the hospital, but she kept saying she just wanted to stay here”. Camdyn said.

9-year-old helps save mom's life by ignoring her wishes

At first, Camdyn’s mother was not keen to hear him out. She tried to reassure him that she would be perfectly fine after a nap. She had been up all night the night before with the baby, so she just thought her body was showing signs of deep exhaustion. But, this was not good enough for Camdyn, who saw through were words of comfort and all he could hear was each difficult breath. He urged her again to go to the hospital. “I kept saying that we needed to go. So, I just went and got my shoes and coat on and told her we needed to go,” said Camdyn.

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Her Doctor Called an Ambulance

Kimberly was reluctant to leave, her baby was so young and this is always tough for mothers to be separated. She went to see her doctor putting her 9-year olds mind at ease. But as soon as her doctor saw her, he called an ambulance and she was rushed off to the emergency room. The doctor praised her for listening to her son because he definitely saved her life. Her lungs were filled with blood clots, which are officially known as pulmonary embolism.

Kimberly had this to say the following. “If I had taken the nap, there’s a good chance it would’ve been a very different outcome. A sad one“.  It turns out that Camdyn’s 4th grade PE teacher had suffered a similar this as Camdyn’s mother. She had taught her class the symptoms so they might be able to help someone else in the future. She knows now that at least one of her students was listening because his mother lives to tell the story. 

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