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December 28, 2023 ·  4 min read

Sandra Bullock Says She Is ‘In Awe’ Of Keanu Reeves — Reveals His Thoughtful Gift To Her 27 Years Ago

As if we needed any more reason to love Keanu, just wait till you find out what he gifted Sandra Bullock 27 years ago. The actor is well known for his kindness, in fact, he’s probably Hollywood’s number one “nice guy“. You’ve probably heard many stories about Keanu and his wholesome gestures, of which there are many! They include vacating seats on the subway for someone more in need of it and assisting a fan when she was stuck with a broken-down car.

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards - Press Room at Gibson Amphitheatre on August 20, 2006
Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards – Press Room at Gibson Amphitheatre on August 20, 2006 | Shutterstock

Back in 1994, Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves were co-stars in the movie Speed. While shooting the movie the pair of actors became good friends, and have stayed good friends since. According to Esquire, one year after filming the hit movie, she admitted to Keanu that she had never tried Truffles nor tasted champagne. Now, if you are Keanu Reeves, there is the only obvious thing you can do. You guessed it!

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Sandra Bullock recalls Keanu’s thoughtful gift

Keanu did what any decent human would do and got Sandra Bullock some champagne, truffles, and a bunch of flowers. Of course, he presented his gift as a surprise on her doorstep! We would expect nothing less from Hollywood’s sweetest guy. The actress recalls sitting in her new home, in fact, the first house she ever bought, and then hearing Keanu pull up with his motorcycle. I just thought you might want to try Champagne and truffles, to see what it’s like,” she recalls him saying.

Keanu Reeves (left) and Sandra Bullock (left)
Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock attend the Los Angeles Premiere of “The Lake House” held at the Cineramadome in Hollywood, California on June 13, 2006 | Shutterstock

Sandra Bullock also mentions that the two of them never dated, which might be hard to believe since that same day she even painted his nails to match hers. Turns out, he’s just generally an all-around nice guy to everyone he meets. She even goes on to say that even if they had been a couple, she would not be able to be upset with him if they broke up – that’s how nice Keanu Reeves is.

Keanu’s a guy who, I feel like, is friends with every woman he’s ever dated. I don’t think there’s anyone who has something horrible to say about him. So maybe we could have survived. I don’t know. But we didn’t have to survive anything. We just get to grow up together on parallel roads and tip our hats and meet for a dinner and try to work together. And the longer time goes on, the more in awe I am of the human being. Would I have been able to say that if he had dumped me and made me angry? Probably not.

Sandra Bullcok

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Apparently, Keanu has always been thoughtful

Keanu Reeves at the Los Angeles premiere of his movie “Knock Knock” at the TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood | Shutterstock

According to Sandra Bullock, it was not the first and only time the actor had been thoughtful and kind towards her. She also reckons that Keanu is one of a kind.

That’s what I mean that it drives you crazy. When I first met him, I would spend as much time as I could filling a silence, just to feel comfortable. And the more I jibber-jabbered on, the quieter he would get. And I thought, I don’t understand what’s happening! He’s looking at me with eyes of confusion. He’s quiet. Did I say something to offend him? And then a day or two later, he would arrive with a note or a little package, saying, ‘I thought about what you said.’ And he would have his response.”

Sandra Bullock

So, why did Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves never get together?

Sandra Bullock arrives to the Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2014 on January 16, 2014 in Santa Monica, CA
Sandra Bullock arrives to the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2014 on January 16, 2014 in Santa Monica, CA | Shutterstock

Of course, Romances on set are actually quite common and that is undeniable. But, Bullock and Reeves never had any such romantic involvement. Clearly, the chemistry was there, so why did they never get together? Sandra Bullock actually admitted to having a crush on her handsome male co-star during a 2018 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She was asked why the pair never dated.

“Never dated him. I guess there was something about me, I guess he didn’t like,” Bullock said. “I think we’re probably friends for that long because we didn’t [hook up].”

Sandra Bullock

Keanu obviously had something to say to that when it was his turn on the show, of course, Ellen did not waste time asking him for his opinion.  “She obviously didn’t know I had a crush on her either.” Of course, the next question was why the couple of friends did not attempt any romantic involvement, to which Keanu simply replied “we were working.

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