Jade Small
Jade Small
February 9, 2023 ·  3 min read

Sad update on sweet girl who touched a whole world: ‘Our sweet angel baby has gained her wings’

For this story, we ask you to set your memories back a few months. We spoke about a little girl with terminal cancer that touched the hearts of the internet. Her mother was desperately trying to make the last memories with her daughter count the most. She asked the world to send her dying daughter birthday cards from all over the world. This marked a truly special birthday for little Delaney Krings. Sadly, her mom announced that her daughter has finally gained her angel wings.


Delaney Krings

Becoming a parent can be the most rewarding job on the planet. Parents dedicate their lives to raising their children, admiring how they grow into adults. Appreciating their appearance from their baby faces to wrinkled and experienced. One set of parents had this opportunity taken away from them. Their daughter, Delaney Krings, had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

When Delaney Krings was four years old, she was complaining about an earache. Her parents took her to see a doctor, who treated her for an infection in her ear. This seemed to make things better, but her parents noticed other symptoms were making themselves apparent. One of the most alarming ones was her lack of balance. Trusting their gut, Heather and Jack took their daughter to the emergency room. There, the doctors diagnosed her with an aggressive brain tumor. Specifically, a diffuse midline glioma, known as DMG.

Delaney Krings napping with her mom
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This was the most devastating thing Delaney Krings’s parents, Heather and Jack, had ever experienced. There was nothing they could do for their baby girl except ease her pain while they watch her slip away. “Your heart stops for a minute. The world stops. You can’t breathe, you just try to process it. She’s four, you know?” Heather said.

Birthday cards from all over the world

December 16 2022 was Delaney Krings’s fifth birthday. Her doctors had advised her parents to start preparing for Delaney’s passing. They said this is going to be her last birthday. Heather knew she had to make it as special as she could, so she asked her daughter’s followers on her Facebook page, For the Love of Delaney, to send her birthday cards from where they live in the world.

On the maps that we have up, we have stickers to put for all of the locations for where the cards have come from, so Laney can see that she’s got love from all over the world from people she doesn’t even know. And it has taken off. I believe there were 400 cards in the mail today,” Heather said in December.


Delaney Krings became an angel

The doctors advised that Delaney Krings wouldn’t have long left to live after her fifth birthday. She managed to push through to the first month of 2023 and passed away peacefully on January 28th. Her mother posted a picture of her sweet girl on CaringBridge with the caption, “Our Sweet Angel Baby has gained her wings. Fly high, my sweet baby. Delaney Judith Krings. 12.16.2017 — 1.28.2023. Fly high, my sweet baby.”

Judy Krings, Delayney’s aunt also updated the GoFundMe page to announce her passing. “Like a flower that we see the beauty of for only a while, we all cherished every single day of Delaney’s 1,869 days on earth”. To those, she knew, and those she never met, she made us all better people. Make her proud of you. Your heart, like ours, may be broken. But a broken heart has spaces that can now be filled with the glue of love. Enjoy the love of life in heaven Delaney.”

Heather’s only wish for her daughter is that she would remain ”to be a ripple of simple acts of kindness. This world needs more love in it, and I believe that is what she was put here to provide. Love, pure and simple.”

Delaney Krings has gained her angel wings
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