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Jade Small
Jade Small
December 15, 2022 ·  3 min read

Family asks for cards from around the world for 4-year-old battling brain cancer’s last birthday 

Being diagnosed with cancer can be the most horrific thing for anyone to endure. But, when that someone is your child, there are no words that equate to that pain. One little girl with terminal brain cancer was about to celebrate her last birthday at four years old. Her devastated parents have asked their followers for birthday cards from all around the world to make this day even more special. 

Delaney received birthday cards from around the world
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Inspired many in her short life 

Delaney Krings was diagnosed at the end of October with brain cancer. The doctors quickly realized it was terminal. Her mother, Heather, says she is “a kid who has been dealt a card no kid should have.” This might explain why her parents have asked people from all around the world to send their dying daughter birthday cards for her last birthday.

Initially, the doctors told Delaney’s parents that their daughter would have some weeks to live, giving them a chance to enjoy their last few weeks together. However, fate handed them another curveball in the form of an infection. This is not good for someone with terminal cancer as it can be fatal. Delaney’s doctors advised her parents to celebrate Christmas earlier this year. “We are advised to have our family Christmas soon after her birthday, so she can see, hear and be a part of it,” wrote a family member on social media. “This, to me, is incomprehensible as it indicates that our sweet babe is on the quick and steady decline.”

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According to her mom, Delaney is a bright soul, who inspired others. “She brought light and love to people,” said Heather. “That’s why she’s our angel. And apparently, she’s being called elsewhere to finish her angel work.” allegedly

Birthday cards from around the world

Delaney’s family has been documenting her journey, though it has been short-lived. People have been following with keen interest and immense empathy. To make Delaney’s last weeks as special as possible, her parents have asked their followers to send them cards from all around the world. They started getting hundreds of birthday cards daily when the request went viral. Delaney’s parents would mark a spot on the map to show where the cards are coming from.

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“On the maps that we have up, we have stickers to put for all of the locations for where the cards have come from, so Laney can see that she’s got love from all over the world from people she doesn’t even know,” Heather said. “And it has taken off. I believe there were 400 cards in the mail today.”

They love their little girl

Delaney might be dying of brain cancer, but according to her parents, she has no idea. Explaining why she’s at the hospital is not easy with a four-year-old, so they just said she has an “owie”. “You can’t really convey to a kid that they won’t be around much longer. So she knows she’s in the hospital because of the ‘owies’ in her head.”

Delaney Krings
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Heather explained that she and her husband have been trying their best to make her last few weeks as special as possible. “As long as she still knows what’s going on, she can hear, she can see, she knows us, she remembers us. That clock, you have to ignore it because what’s our purpose here? To make whatever time she has left as best as we can,” Heather said.

Send Delaney a card

By now, your heart must feel like it could burst. If you want to send a card to Delaney and wish her a happy birthday you can send them to the following address:

Delaney Kring, c/o Shorewest Realtors, 1296 Summit Ave, Oconomowoc, WI 53066.

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