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Jade Small
Jade Small
May 12, 2024 ·  2 min read

Quotes About The Hardest Part Of Motherhood

When you were pregnant, do you remember everyone telling you what to expect from motherhood?

While many excited friends and family would tell you how beautiful it would be, how amazing it is to raise a child, some would warn you about the ‘hard’ parts. Changing diapers, late-night feeds, and the terrible twos.

The truth is, the hardest part about motherhood is none of the above. Cleaning up spilled food and sleepless nights is nothing compared to the day you need to let your baby go. The day your child grows up and leaves the nest.[1]

Motherhood and Letting Go

Nobody tells you how difficult the day will be when you need to say goodbye. Not goodbye forever, but goodbye to seeing your child every day, goodbye to making them lunch, or helping them with homework. Goodbye to good night kisses, goodbye to daily hugs.

We all need to accept that we can’t keep them little forever. Eventually, they do grow up. And we should be proud rather than hold on too tightly. Cherish the moments you have with your little one, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Whether it’s reading your 3-year-old a bedtime story or helping your 12-year-old with homework, every moment is precious.[2]

6 Quotes About Motherhood To Help You Let Go

As mothers, we tend to beat ourselves up when we think we have failed or when we think our children aren’t meeting their potential, but the truth is, we are not perfect. And neither are our kids. It’s all those little moments in between that make things seem perfect.

Something we as mothers all need to realize sooner or later. Time really does go by so fast. So remember to appreciate every single moment before it’s gone.

Allowing your child to grow and learn and be independent might be hard at first, but it’s a direct reflection of what a fantastic mom you are!

As much as we love our little bundle of joy, watching him or her become an amazing adult is the biggest reward; once we’ve learned to let go, we finally understand the true meaning of motherhood.

It’s time we pat ourselves on the back rather than try to hold our children from their full potential.

Cherish every moment, take photos, take videos. Keep precious notes. Soon, your little baby will be graduating, and you can’t get those sweet moments back!

It’s easy to forget to be in the moment. We don’t realize how fast time goes by. But, just like that, everything has changed, and our baby is all grown up.

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