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Jade Small
Jade Small
January 5, 2024 ·  3 min read

I Will Always Need My Son

I am a mom to a beautiful little boy. And, even though he is growing up faster than I can imagine, I will always need my son. No matter how old he may be and no matter how old I have grown.

Those of you who are lucky enough to have a boy child in your life know what I mean. From the moment they are born, they have your entire heart and soul, don’t get me wrong! Daughters are gifts, too. But nothing compares to having a little boy to love and hold close.

If you’re the mom to a boy, read on, because I know you’ll be able to relate.

Ever heard the phrases – ‘Mommy’s Boy’ and ‘Daddies Girl’? Well, there is some truth to it!

Mothers hold a special bond with their sons. It’s an intimate and profound connection that’s hard to explain. Fathers may be teachers, but mothers are the ones who advise. This is what makes the mother and son connection so special – I will always need my son, and he will always need me.

My son has seen me cry and helped me dry up all those tears. He’s also made me cry but managed to dry those up too. When I felt I was failing as a parent, my son was there to remind me that I was not a failure at all.

He’s made me laugh, the heartiest laughs. My son has hugged me tightly and loved me unconditionally. He’s forgiven me for losing my cool; he’s reminded me that I am still the best mother even though I make mistakes.

I will always need my son

I know he’s going to grow up and leave one day, but I will always need him. And I know he will always be there when I do. He’s driven me up the wall on many occasions, but he’s also been there to make everything okay again.

My son has seen me at my absolute worst, through the toughest times, and he has always been the reason I pulled through in the end.

He’s my inspiration. He’s given me motivation when I was down and hugged me so tight I thought I would burst from all the love.

I don’t think he even realizes how much he does for me, just by being there.

When I say I will always need my son, I don’t mean it in the sense that I am entirely dependable on him. It’s about how he helps me want to be a better mother, a better woman. My darling boy does not need to do anything except exist. His existence helps me get through my day.

I am so incredibly proud of the young man he has become and will still become. He is something I did right. Very right. I can see it in how he treats others. I can see it in the way he moves and the way he speaks to anyone, rich or poor, young or old. This is why I will always need my son. He is a reminder of all the things I have done right. He is a reminder of the kindness, and good the world is lacking so much of.

There is nothing in comparison to the love a son can give. He will be your best friend, and he will be there to make you smile. He will also drive you absolutely insane! But he will manage to make up for it all the next time he makes you laugh.

So, if you have a son

You know what it’s like to watch them grow up, and of course, you are incredibly proud. But, at the same time, you dread having to let go one day. Deep down, you know that special bond could never be broken, and even if you are miles apart, you will always need him, and he will always be there.

If you have a son, hold him tight today and remember how incredibly lucky you are to have such a special gift.

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