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Expectant Mother Goes Viral For Sharing Her Pregnancy Journey And Unique Baby Bump

There are a lot of stories of mothers carrying twins, and triplets. Even quadruplets make the headlines from time to time. One woman was pregnant with three boys, and what makes her story stand out was the shape of her unique baby bump. Michella went against the advice given by many medical professionals and went ahead with her pregnancy – documenting her story along the way.

A big decision

Michella Meier-Morsi, the mother famous for her unique baby bump, has defied the odds by going against the recommendations her doctors gave her. When she found out she was carrying triplets her joy was quickly replaced with concern. The doctors also informed her of potential complications, and strongly advised her to reduce the pregnancy. Which, according to Webmd, “lowers the number of fetuses and improves your chances for a healthy pregnancy.”

Michella and her husband, Mark, were faced with a very big decision. Michella wrote about it on her Instagram page, Michellameiermorsi. “We know we’re going to be recommended for a fetal reduction tomorrow but I just can’t contain it,” she wrote. “Never in my life been so scared of a decision. I am completely overwhelmed with fear.”

Having more than one child usually comes with risks, but Michella’s easy pregnancy with her twins made her hold onto that sliver of hope. However, she remained deeply aware of the risks involved. “We’ve been so lucky with the [babies]. They are amazing,” she wrote. “But what if I give birth way too early and we suddenly have three brain damaged children?”

A unique baby bump

Michella decided against the reduction. “When I look at the [babies] they belong together❤️ In my eyes they were always meant to come as their own team,” she wrote on her Instagram page. “How can I tear this little trio apart?” She also wrote, “I am immensely grateful that we still have all our boys.”

As her baby bump grew bigger and bigger, it drew a lot of attention, particularly online. Michella’s mommy influencer game went p a few notches and she is now sitting at just over 400,000 followers. Everyone was intrigued by her pregnancy journey, and how her baby bump was forming. Michella holds nothing back with her candid expression of the less discussed aspects of pregnancy like vertigo, nausea, and feeling like a boat stuck in the harbor half the time.

“The last one especially is really starting to challenge me,” she wrote. “I’m in a grotesque amount of pain that’s only increasing. All my muscles feel like major bruises, my bones hurt, sciatica nerve is playing up, pelvic pain has increased tremendously and stomach is big and sore!” She added: “Oh well, as long as the trio is doing well and stays in the belly, it’s all vanity and a little extra pain.”

The healthy baby boys

Then, on January 15, 2022, Michella’s baby bump was finally ready to release the triplets, and they were brought earth-side. “And then we got three amazing babies richer,” rote Michella. “It’s been the craziest 36 hours, the breaks have been few and the hearts are bursting with happiness and love. The birth went much better than feared – I got sick along the way, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the last time. I’ll probably tell you more about all that once we find a routine.”

Since their birth, Michella and Mark have had their hands full raising their five children. Although, they do try their best to be there for all their children. Michelle has maintained her Instagram presence, including her honest expressions of her post-partum experience.

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