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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
April 27, 2021 ·  3 min read

Inspiring Photo Shows The Strength Of Moms When Giving Birth

It can’t be denied: The female body is amazing. It undergoes an incredible amount of change, pain, and discomfort in order to grow and deliver children into the world. What’s even more incredible is the mental and emotional strength of moms while they go through this process. An image of a woman experiencing contractions shows just how strong these women are. (1)

The Incredible Strength Of Moms

As someone who has never given birth to a baby, I look at women who have with amazement. They sacrifice their bodies, knowing that pregnancy, labor, and delivery will likely permanently change them forever. They spend nine months in discomfort, enduring pain, sickness, and a roller coaster of hormonal changes. At the end of it, they go through hours of painful contractions to then push a baby out of their body. The strength of moms – the fortitude of mind and spirit that they display during this entire process – is one to be admired.

A photo has gone viral that shows a woman going through the throes of a painful contraction. For many women who have children, it brings them back to that incredible moment in their lives when they grit their teeth and suffered through the pain. It is inspirational for those who haven’t yet, reminding them that they are capable of such strength. For men, it is a reminder that the women in their lives – moms, grandmas, sisters, aunts, wives, and friends – are to be respected. (1)

photo showing the strengths of moms. Woman giving birth in a bathroom stall.
Image Credit: Gather Birth Cooperative | Instagram

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How Hard Is Labor?

Have you ever run a marathon? Or at the very least, do you remember how hard running laps was in P.E.? Well, a study done by the University of Michigan found that giving birth is just as taxing on the body as running a full marathon (that’s 42km or 26 miles), maybe even more. (2)

“Childbirth is arguably one of the most dramatic musculoskeletal events the human body undergoes,” the researchers explained. (2)

Giving birth is a highly traumatic event for the female body. The study discovered that common injuries include (2):

  • Stress fractures
  • Pelvic muscle tears
  • Severe muscle strain

Despite the incredible stress their bodies have gone through, women are immediately thrust into the throes of motherhood. Unlike after a marathon, where you are advised to take as much rest as you need, mothers are figuring out breastfeeding, having sleepless nights, and navigating this new body they live in. At the same time, they are under overwhelming pressure to get their “pre-baby body back.” (2)

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It’s Time We Cut Moms Some Slack

The photo, shared on Instagram by Gather Birth Cooperative from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is an excellent reminder of the incredible feat that giving birth is. It is easy to forget, considering the number of women who do so every single day. If you have a woman in your life who is currently pregnant, consider this a reminder to cut them some slack and help them out a little more. The strength of moms that they will soon prove to you is one that has, does, and always will deserve respect.

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