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Jade Small
Jade Small
December 18, 2023 ·  3 min read

Parents slammed for letting daughter run wild during 8 hour flight flight

For some people, traveling in an airplane is a nightmare on its own. Let alone dealing with unruly children that don’t belong to you. One person had to endure just that. They were seated near a family whose child was acting up unbearably. They recorded a video of the scene and posted it to Reddit. Then, the viewers slammed the parents for not intervening. 

The child's parents were not helping the situation.
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The passenger in front just sat there

In the video posted on Reddit, a child was seen in the furthest thing from its natural habitat. The bodies of tiny humans produce a surprising amount of energy, so when they’re cooped up and made to sit still, dangerous things can happen. In this case, infuriating those who have to be around them. Children will be children, and we cannot blame them for that. However, in this instance, the misbehaving child was left to wreak havoc on a flight, disturbing every passenger around them. One happened to snap a clip that they posted to Reddit. The parents of the unruly child were slammed by users of the platform for not managing their child.

In the clip, we can see the child standing on her chair, with her arms holding onto the seat in front of hers. Then, she climbed onto her food tray and started jumping up and down, shaking the backrest of the seat she was clinging to, along with the man sitting there. It is unclear whether the man in front of her was sleeping, although many would argue that an impossible feat with the child’s restlessness.

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Child jumped up and down, shaking the seat in front of them
Image credit: Reddit

Reddit slammed the parents

The comments were lengthy. Some were understanding, but most were outraged by the lack of involvement of the parents. For example, SemiSentientGarbage wrote: “I would feel like a failed parent if my kids were doing this and I was just straight up allowing it.”

“I would NEVER allow one of my kids to disrupt someone this way,” commented Rhondie41. “Talking a little loud is one thing. Having your toddler jumping on plane seats while holding onto another person’s (strangers) chair is completely WRONG. I hope that man was reimbursed in some way. But, the parents probably saw nothing wrong with this. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Next, this person went as far as to say that the parents’ mother would also be disappointed in them. “If the parent is reading this…” wrote akavish92. “Please know that everyone including your mom hates you for this behavior. such bad parenting.

Air Marshal recommendations

Some of the comments came from frequent flyers who have encountered many of these situations in their travels. So, they commented on what would happen in a real-life situation like this. RocanMotor wrote: “Frequent flyer here… Usually deal with a rude passenger once or twice a year (I fly roughly 4-8 flights a month depending on work). Ask politely once. Beyond that, don’t engage, call over the flight attendant. They will ask them to stop, and if they refuse they’ll usually move you to an upgraded seat if available.

They continued, “If no seat is available and the aggressor keeps it up, they’ll usually have an air marshal come over if one is available, but this is super rare. That will usually stop it. But, if one isn’t available, which is almost always the case, attendant will sometimes threaten speaking to the pilot which will lead to a premature landing depending on the severity of the incident… If it gets to that point the customer will be blacklisted and you’ll get a complimentary upgraded flight. Usually the FA coming over is enough to put a stop to it.”

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