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February 12, 2024 ·  4 min read

Internet backs mom who refused to pick up 23-year-old after a night out

Moms have to put up with a lot of stuff. Some, we sign up for. Some, we don’t. Regardless of which category their plight falls into, we are always there for our children. But, what about other people’s children? Should we take full responsibility for them as well?

One mother recently had an incredibly difficult situation she was faced with, and she handled it as best she could. However, despite her best intentions, the situation ended up with screaming and ranting from another mother.

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Not knowing if perhaps she was wrong to do what she did, the mother posted on a group forum and asked the other members what they thought of her actions.

On the mom-friendly forum, Mumsnet, user MinibusLift shared her story, and followed it up with “am I being unreasonable?

According to the post, MinibusLift is a mom who provides safe transport for her adult children who want to attend parties, concerts, or have a long night out on the town. It’s a loving gesture from the bottom of her heart, and a way to keep her kids safe.

Rules are Rules

Sometimes the people she transports are friends of her kids, and occasionally, they don’t take the option of a return home at night. If they choose to stay out, she lets them, but the option for a safe ride is always there.

On Friday I picked up 12, with my DD the youngest at 18 and then going up to 25. I don’t get involved in the organising just tell my children how much it will cost (£90 this time) and then I pick them up, drop them where they want to go and then pick them all back up at a pre agreed time. I, and my children are very clear that I won’t hang around, like a pre booked taxi I leave at a set time.


Everyone who uses the minibus option is fully aware that the mom won’t wait around forever, especially at the times she is collecting them. No one wants to wait for 35 minutes in a car at 3 am. Well, apparently one of the kids she was picking up didn’t want to go home. Alan, 23 years old, is a friend of her son’s and chose to stay behind.

Saturday morning 3am I go to pick them all up, one of mine had already texted to say he was staying in the city so I was expecting 11, but only 10 arrive. I’m told *Alan has decided to stay with my son as he isn’t ready to go home, apparently his sister tried to convince him but you can’t argue with drunk people.

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Angry Mom Reacts

So, without Alan, the MiniBus lift drives the 2 hours it takes to get home and arrives a little after 5 am. Hoping for rest, everyone went to bed. However, the rest was short-lived for the mom, who was woken up at 8 am by an angry phone call.

At 8am I am woken up by Alan’s mom asking why I’d left her son in the city. And that he is stuck 2 hours from home with no money, and needs to be at work at 10am. Demanding I go and pick him up. Finishing that no mother should leave someone else’s son behind.


Keeping in mind that Alan is 23 years old, completely capable of making his own decisions and that he was aware that the minibus was leaving at a certain time, was MinibusLift being unreasonable? Other moms left their thoughts, and most people truly sided with her, rather than Alan or his mother.

Yanbu (you are not being unreasonable)🙄🙄 what were you supposed to do? Drag Alan kicking and screaming into the mini bus? He is 23 years old and probably big enough to make decisions for himself.”

Nope, YANU in this. Alan knew when pick up was and decided he didn’t want to come. Him being in the city when he’s due in work is called the consequences of his own ADULT decisions/actions. He’s 23 ffs, why is his mother calling you?

“I’m on the fence. On the one hand you definitely didn’t have the parental responsibility to go and find Alan, he is an adult. But on the other, he has paid for you to take him home so it’s a bit different from a normal favour from a parent.”

What Would you Have Done?

So, what do you think about this situation? Would you have stayed around until Alan got in the van, making everyone else wait until he was ready? Or, would you have left him in the city? Let us know in the comments!

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