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Jade Small
Jade Small
February 13, 2024 ·  5 min read

Mom marches son to girl’s house to apologize for calling her ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’

Raising children is no easy task, especially as a single mother. Samm Jane, a 32-year-old mother of 5 from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, was absolutely horrified when she was contacted by her son’s school and told that he was cyberbullying a fellow pupil. Samm’s 11-year-old son had been sending cruel messages to one of the girls in his school, leaving her shocked at the fact that her son would be capable of such cruelty.

After receiving the phone call, Samm became determined to see exactly what was said to the girl.

When her son arrived home from school that day, she demanded that he unlock his phone so that she could see if the allegations were true, and shockingly enough, it was. She was mortified to learn that he had called the girl, ‘ugly’, ‘fat, a ‘c**t, ‘b**h’, and a ‘t**t’. He also went on to say, ‘I never want to see your ugly face in school. Your ugly face and fat body offend me.’

Samm Jane
Image Credit: Sammjane2 | TIkTok

The girl responded to his messages by saying, ‘Stop being horrible to me,’ to which he replied in a voice note, ‘Urgh, you’re disgusting.’ She recalls how she was ‘shaking with anger after reading the messages and said to him, “What are you playing at?”.

All the son had to say in response was, ‘She does my head in at school’, to which Samm replied; “I don’t give a f**k.” ‘I told him, “She’s going to be looking in the mirror now and feeling insecure”. I couldn’t let it go’. Due to data protection rules, the school could not give Samm the girl’s name, but the single mom was determined to find out who she was and make things right. Samm got on the phone, did some investigating, and eventually found out who she was and where she lived. 

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She then did what most parents wouldn’t do.

She made her son spend his birthday money on flowers and chocolates and marched him over to her house to formally apologize, not only to her but to her parents too!

The parents were shocked as their daughter hadn’t told them she was being bullied. Samm made her son explain exactly what he was sorry for once they arrived at her house. Her dad then told the boy; ‘I’m not going to lie mate if you were a grown-ass man and you said that to my daughter, I would have kicked your head in.’ 

Samm Jane son's text messages
Image Credit: Sammjane2 | TIkTok

Samm said she made it clear that her son would ‘never speak to a female like that again.’ The girl’s parents commended Samm for bringing her son over to apologize and for being a ‘decent parent’. Later, the mother of the girl texted Samm saying it was brave of her to come round and bring the situation to light as her daughter had just said they had fallen out. 

Samm then confiscated all of her son’s electronic devices for a week after this all happened. She went on to say that he was so desperate to get his phone and other devices back that he even offered her money for it. 

Samm Jane son's text messages
Image Credit: Sammjane2 | TIkTok

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Samm shared her story on Tiktok

The day after she got the call from the school, Samm shared her tale online and said, ‘Now I’m a single mom and raising a boy to be a man can be quite difficult, ‘But if there’s one thing I’ve always said, it’s, “You f**king respect these women, you don’t disrespect them”, ‘So even though he’s eleven years old and a kid, nothing he can say will justify what he said to this girl. Ever’.

Since her viral post. Samm has gained over one million views and had thousands of people comment and applaud her for her ‘proper old school parenting’. One woman commented; “Yes queen. If my boys ever do anything like this, I will be doing the same!! So proud of you.” She even had a teenage girl comment; “As a teenage girl, you are a brilliant mom for that. Thank you for making him unlearn his ways. So many boys my age are so disrespectful.”

Since the incident and apology, Samm has made sure her son understands the impact words can have on a person. ‘I sat him down and explained how people kill themselves or self-harm because of what people say’ said Samm.

Samm hopes to help other parents make the right choice

She then added; “I’ve always told him about body positivity and about how women come in different shapes and sizes. That’s why I was so angry – why would he say all these things when I’ve told him to be respectful?’ I wanted to share it so other people could see it and think “I don’t want my boy to be like that”.

We’ve got to bring up the next generation. It’d be so much easier if parents taught their boys – and girls – to apologize and to make up.’ ‘If a million people have seen that video, then a million parents can make a change.’ said Samm. Samms old-school parenting and morals are a rarity in today’s society and we can only hope that more parents realize how important it is to teach the new generation what is acceptable and what is not. 

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