Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
March 14, 2023 ·  3 min read

A Mom Flipped At The Beach Because A Teen Wore A Bikini In Front Of Her 4-Year-Old Son

It can be challenging to raise boys who are considerate, emotionally expressive, and kind in a world that expects them to uphold patriarchal values. Similarly, teaching boys to view women as equals and to treat them with respect is difficult. Especially when they are constantly exposed to objectification, sexualization, and domination. Women are expected to cover up wherever they go, feeling objectified even at the beach in a bikini.

Unfortunately, the situation was further exacerbated by an uncontrollable mother at the beach who seemed to be acting out of line. This individual, who could be labeled a “Karen,” disrupted what had started as an idyllic day at the beach by harassing a nearby mother and her family.

Specifically, she criticized the mother’s decision to allow her teenage daughter to wear a revealing bikini. She cited her 4-year-old son’s supposed distraction, despite the fact that young children are unlikely to understand concepts of decency or sexuality. It’s a bikini for Pete’s sake!

Woman complaining about a teen wearing a bikini
Image Credit: ChudsOfTikTok Twitter

Things get heated when the mom comments on the teen in the bikini

“What kind of mother are you to let your daughter wear a thong and show her a— cheeks around a 4-year-old kid? She’s wearing a f—ing thong.” The mom said. “No, I’m not.” The teen responds. Off camera. A whole lot calmer than she should be. “What kind of mother are you to allow your daughter to have her a—cheeks hanging out?” The woman continues. “She’s wearing a swimsuit,” the girl’s mom replies. “That’s your problem, and your son’s problem.”

After being questioned by the other woman about why she was filming, the woman who had been causing trouble at the beach proceeded to threaten her with physical violence. It was then that the woman filming explained that she was doing so for her own safety. Which was a reasonable precaution given the situation.

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In a final display of poor behavior, the trouble-making woman then told her children that they were leaving. Further proving that she was the source of the disturbance at the beach. In light of these events, it begs the question: who should be considered the bad mother in this scenario?

The one who allowed her teenager to wear what she felt comfortable in – a bikini, or the one who resorted to profanity, yelling, and threats of violence on a day meant for enjoyment? And if anyone was still somehow sympathetic to the aggressive mother’s actions, it is worth noting that she ended the confrontation by behaving even more abhorrently.

This is where the boy’s mother gets nasty

“If my son rapes your daughter when he’s older, it’s not my problem,” she seethes. Alright, it seems apparent that this woman has adopted the “she was asking for it” mindset. Unsurprisingly, the internet had no shortage of negative opinions about the inappropriate mother who was sexualizing children in bikinis and instigating conflicts.

So she’s sexualizing both a 4 year old and a 13-year-old while cursing at a stranger in front of said 4-year-old, and also threatening violence in front of him, AND excusing rape,” the top comment reads. “Cool cool cool.”

“Seems like the perfect opportunity to teach your son not to objectify women into the sum of their lady parts. But no, let’s blame the girl in a bikini for tempting a 4 yr old,” another wrote. But the comment that summed everything up best? “The most toxic and dangerous thing for children to be exposed to is anger. rage, and violence.”


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