Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
February 18, 2024 ·  3 min read

Mom Delivers Epic Rant After Forgetting to Pack Her Own Clothes on a Family Trip.

It’s no secret that parenting is incredibly difficult. Parents put children first and that often means their own needs are put on hold. Amanda Ayala recently went viral after a TikTok rant to which parents, particularly moms, everywhere can relate.

Family Trip Turns to Disaster

Amanda Ayala and her family were on vacation at a State Park in Kansas. Her TikTok rant video, entitled, “Moms Always Suffer” shows her getting into the family’s car wearing nothing but a towel. The video of the TikTok rant shows a quick, but impactful, conversation between Amanda and her husband Efrain. Now, with nearly 4 million views, the Wisconsin mom’s TikTok rant was recorded by Efrain, who found the whole experience to be quite humorous.

The pair were on a week-long trip with their daughters, ages 9 and 12. While at the park they took a trip to the shower house. In the video the exchange can be heard, as Efrain is clearly unsympathetic to Amanda’s struggle.

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TikTok Rant Exchange

Efrain waits in the car for his wife and daughter to come. When they arrive, he notices that his daughters are dressed in their pajamas, and his wife is wearing nothing but a towel. It’s clear from her TikTok rant that Amanda is feeling frustrated and maybe even a little underappreciated. Here’s how the exchange went:

Efrain: “Hey! Why (does) everybody else have clothes on and you’re still in your towel?”

Amanda: “Because I’m the mom. I get everybody else’s s— together and not my own. So, I come to the shower house with nothing. So here I am.”

Efrain: “I had a super peaceful shower. It was nice.”

An exasperated Amanda simply says, “take me home” as the video ends.

Explaining the Frustration of Being a Parent

Amanda was interviewed by the staff at TODAY about her TikTok rant. She explained, “I took my daughters to the public showers at a state park and when we were done, I realized that I had packed their pajamas and not my own. There wasn’t a soul around, so I walked back to the truck in my towel.”

Encapsulating in Particular Hardships for Moms

She further explains, “He couldn’t miss the opportunity. This embodies what we do as women — we are last, I’m always last. It’s kind of the role we take.”

Many TikTok users took to supporting the TikTok rant, commenting on the underappreciated momma and offering sympathy. One commentor wrote, “I feel her!! No one ever worries about mama, but she got to worry about everyone else,”

Meanwhile another said, “Dad, Step up!”

Acknowledging Her Husband’s Active Role

Despite the backlash the Efrain received from the TikTok rant and for being seemingly unsupportive of his wife, Amanda maintains that their relationship is fairly equal. “We don’t divide household labor into a man’s or woman’s job,” Amanada explained. “He’s that husband who is like, ‘Babe, I’m probably not going to see it staring at me. But if you leave me a list, I’ll get it done.” She adds, “It doesn’t make him a bad person. We’re just showing you that this is real life.”

TikTok Rants Draws Attention

Amanda explains something most of us already know, moms are incredible. Her TikTok rant touches on only a small part of what moms do to help maintain their family and the role they play.

Fortunately, Efrain packed his own bag, so Amanda was only responsible for her daughters’ bags and her own. Amanda notes, “The effort it takes a mom to pull a trip like that off — that’s a lot of work.” 

The list of parental responsibilities is endless and varies depending on children’s individual needs. Lunches made, teeth brushed, hair combed, homework done, and so on. Although both parents work hard to ensure their families stay afloat, moms are often relied on more so than dads to get things handled. Moreover, this TikTok rant certainly provides a perfect example of how moms’ needs are pushed aside for the sake of their children and families.

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