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Jade Small
April 2, 2024 ·  3 min read

Meet the ‘Messy Mama’ who’s shaking up TikTok with her real and relatable videos

Large families tend to be very distracting for the parents. Not only do they have to worry about getting their kids to school on time, help with homework and maintain a good worth ethic. They have the added weight of having to keep their home clean. Many children create a lot of mess, and this can be frustrating to many mothers. Especially with social media creating expectations for how out home should look. One mother has taken to Tiktok to show off her “messy” house. She would rather spend the extra time with her four children. She calls herself, Messy Mamma.

“Messy Mamma”

Most people go through a cleaning frenzy before they film anything of their house. Or, at least they shift the clutter to one side in an attempt to hide it. Brianna James, a 31-year-old mom of four from Georgia, USA, has been climbing up the viral-trend-ladder with her honest videos of her messy home. She wishes for more families to put more time in with their children than to worry about the things she deems less important. Not only that, but she wants other parents to realize it is not always possible to be perfect. And, they are not alone in those moments when they realize they cannot get everything done.

“I want people who may not be in my shoes to understand that it’s normal in a way as long as you know you’re not going to live with it. And then also to show people who are in my shoes, that they’re not alone,” said Brianna.

She continued: “I’m trying to be honest and real and show that it’s OK to not get it all done and it’s OK to let some things go and focus on yourself and make yourself healthy,” she said. “I’m also trying to think like, well, I could clean 24/7, seven days a week and then I miss out on the time with my kids, or I could let the dishes go for a day or not take the trash out that night and then play dominoes or something with my kids or hide and seek. So I’m trying to balance that.”

A Real Mamma

Brianna first received a lot of attention for her videos when she posted a picture of her dining room and kitchen in a chaotic state. That amount of mess is not usually shown on camera, let alone to the entire world. She admits that she does clean her home, but at least one of the rooms remains messy most of the time. For Brianna, cleaning up after her four children is tiring work.

Messy Mamma's Messy house
Image source: TikTok / themessymama4

It’s a mix,” she said. “One room will be perfect and I feel really great and then I’ll go upstairs and I’ll be like ugh because it’s never-ending.

In order to maintain a cleanliness streak, Brianna and her husband, Craig, keep u a good routine around the house. This includes filming the before and after videos of their cleaning missions at home onto her TikTok account.

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wall this was already like 50% picked up before I started filming 🤣 it was so much worse lol but now it's nice and clean and even the windows are washed! BONUS!

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“I recently changed my mindset where instead of me working for my house, and it’s constant, I am now making my house work for me,” said Brianna. “And so I’m watching it and I’m like, OK, if you’re not working for me, I’m going to change you.”

Her change in thought processing has been a big help to her anxiety and bipolar disorder. “I think that’s what is more relatable than just me being messy and then cleaning it up is why I’m messy and how I’m going about it and how I’m trying to change for the better,” she added.

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