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Mom has no cash to carpet home but buys Burberry and Gucci clothes for her kids

For many people, Burberry is just a name, as opposed to a real desire. Many of us live our lives without spending anything we earn unless it is a necessity. Their frugal lives are intended to ensure a comfortable retirement or to leave an inheritance for their children. Others like to spend their money on lavish things like cars, houses, and fashion. One mother likes to let other people think she’s a good mother by dressing her children in fashionable brands like Gucci.

Kelly McKenna
Kelly McKenna says that she thinks people will think she’s a better mother if she dresses her kids in these clothes. Image Credit: Only Human

Burberry bedding, and Gucci clothing

Kelly McKenna is native to the United Kingdom. She lives with her husband and three children. Kelly is a stay-at-home mom, while her husband runs his own construction business. She has admitted that she and her partner are not great at handling their money. In fact, they have stated they are “crap with money“. Regardless of that. She also told The Sun that her children will get whatever they ask for. 


Additionally, Kelly wants everyone to think she is a good mother. Having had her kids at a young age, she felt insecure. Her remedy for this was to buy designer clothes for her kids to wear. No matter the cost, she would buy it for them so they looked good. even if that meant the most expensive brands like Burberry.

Chase McKenna, Kelly's daughter
Chase McKenna, Kelly’s daughter. Image Credit: Only Human

“I wanted my kids to look nice,” said Kelly. “I had my kids young and I felt like if I dressed them in designer gear then people would think I was doing an alright job.”

The world first heard of this family when their daughter was on an episode of “12-year-old Shopaholic” in 2014. Someone recently shared it and it has been making its way around our news feeds. Since then, it has gone viral. 

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They are dressed in designer wear, but their mom can’t afford a carpet

Those who are familiar with the story might know that the family cannot afford to put a carpet down. This is because they are spending all their money on expensive fashion brands for their children’s wardrobes instead.  “We could have loads of bills and I could still go to bed and sleep. Things like that don’t worry me,” said Kelly. 

Gucci and Burberry are not the only brands they like to splurge on. The kids also have coats that cost £180, as well as quilts made by Armani. Furthermore, they are the envy of every kid on the block because they each have their own quad bike which is valued at £400 each. 

Kelly justifies her actions as a mother, and said her own mother had the same approach to life that she has.”My mom always said ‘you’re not here forever so spend it while you can’ and I think she’s right,” Kelly said.

See the McKenna’s featured at the 1:13 mark.

If Burberry is what they want, it’s what they’ll get

The children are accustomed to their parents buying them nice things. So accustomed, that they rarely get told “no.” They each get £300 per week. That is $368 in the United States. This is meant for them to buy fashionable clothing so they can look good. Their 12-year-old daughter brags about the money she received. “I’ve already had £150 this week and it’s only Tuesday,” she said. 


She went on to describe her tactic designed to persuade her parents to give her her money regardless of them saying none the first time. “If I ask dad for something and don’t get a “yes” straight away, I give him ‘The Face’.” 


She went on to address the labels that she likes to wear, besides Gucci and Burberry. Making it clear that she is not a fan of Primark – a franchise designed to be highly affordable. “I like labels…Ralph, Juicy, Gucci. I don’t do Primark!”

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