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Illusion grid shirt takes unusual approach to solving flat-chested problems

Many people today struggle with fashion. Shirts, dresses, jeans. Finding the perfect fit is hard. It is not the easiest excursion to go shopping if your body does not look like the typical model build. Even in today’s age with all the body-positive movements that have been happening, we still appreciate how the clothes look on models rather than ourselves. But, what if we could create illusions with the designs we print on the clothing? Illusions that create the effects that so many of us desire for our physique?

A Japanese fashion designer, named Takayuki Fukazawa, was quite well known for his comical designs. He takes pride in this name he has created for himself. The artist strives to keep designing as many laugh-out-loud-worthy Garments as he can. He has come up with a few designs that have brought many to stop and stare. This one, in particular, is a design that changes the very shape of our bodies.


No Boxy, More Busty, Illusion Shirt

It is a Tee shirt print, created for those who appreciate feminine clothing but are lacking in the bust department. Small boobs are beautiful, do not assume any wrong intent! But, if you want to wear a fitted T-shirt, ideally you want to look like you have some curves, so you don’t get that boxy feel. 

illusion grid shirt
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This T-shirt is printed with a design that looks like a grid, and from the side, you will have your normal profile. From the front, the grid seems to pull out to the sides, to give the illusion of breasts. This is of course an optical illusion, and it is truly remarkable how it actually makes a flat-chested person look like they have a curvaceous bust area. No more overly padded bras!


The Chiseled Dream Shirt

Now, it is not only the women who want to look like they have a model-like physique. Men have also been scrutinized by the media, and crave to look like they have a six-pack when they really just seem like they love a good sandwich or drink too much beer – we all have our vices, so no judgment here. But, what is a man to do, if he wants that six-pack appeal? Well, perhaps a similar shirt is all you need!

The same designer has also considered this, and a male version of the shirts was designed. Instead of it having a grid that makes your chest seem much larger, there are the faintest shadows across the front of the T-shirt for men, which makes it seem as if you are wearing a T-shirt made of ever-so-slightly see-through material and that your six-pack is sort-of visible through it. 

What more could you ask for? If Fukazawa keeps this up, body modifications will eventually become more and more redundant. This way, you can choose to have big boobs, or small boobs depending on your mood. And those who want to look like they spend hours sculpting their six-pack abs every day can kick back and keep relaxing. Who needs the gym when you have Fukazawa on your side?


What Next?

Not all art is printed on a canvas and pinned to a wall. Fukazawa has been working on his collection of practical art. Typically he creates clothing but has been known to make jewelry too.  One of the best examples is his necklace design. It is made to look like a plump ma wearing a speedo is bungee jumping right down into your cleavage. 

Another design will make you laugh for sure. And, it’s just as smart as the illusion shirt. We all have a pair of those socks that were once an absolute favorite. But somehow you tore them, and that tear unraveled slowly but surely. Those socks are then handed in to be repaired by your mom, or your gran. The love they put into those socks to keep them whole is irreplaceable, but you could mimic that effect if you are not living near your mom anymore. Fukazawa has designed socks that look like they have a hole near the big the, and it has been stitched up to keep them from fraying any further. 

ekoD Works socks
ekoD Works

Talk about hilarious. Many people are now waiting with bated breath for the possibilities of his next design! How daring will Takayuki Fukazawa get?

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