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Chantel Brink
May 11, 2023 ·  4 min read

Mom beaten so badly by boyfriend she wrote ‘goodbye letters’ to her toddler

A former boyfriend subjected a woman to physical and mental abuse for eight years. Leaving her with a harrowing fear that he might eventually end her life. Jessica Tasker, aged 24, had to endure brutal beatings from Thomas Parry, aged 29, who is also the father of her child.

The abuse has inflicted serious physical and psychological damage on her, and the recovery process will take years

Parry was found guilty in March this year and received a prison sentence of four and a half years, half of which he would serve on license. Now, Jessica is bravely sharing her experience to increase public awareness about domestic abuse and help other victims who may be suffering in silence.

The behavior of control started when she met Parry at the age of 15, which later bred into full-on abuse

He didn’t like me wearing makeup to school, he wouldn’t let me speak to any male friends. He didn’t like me going out with my own friends,” she said. “He’d punch the back of my head, he’d pull my hair out stuff like that. He’d grab my jaw and push it into the ground but he’d never actually hit me in the face.”

Photographs displaying the severity of Jessica’s injuries reveal bruises covering her legs, arms, and back. “He was clever, he knew not to leave a mark on my face or stuff like that. So he’d hit my body.” She said. Jessica recounted how she created an email account and composed letters addressed to her child. In case Parry ever succeeded in taking her life.

Jessica after being beaten by her boyfriend
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However, in August of last year, Jessica was subjected to such a severe beating that she believed she would not survive

“I deleted it all because I knew as soon as Thomas came back he’d check my phone – all my messages and photographs. He came up to me on the sofa and started strangling me,” she said. “He started going on top of me and strangling me until I started to black out. Then when I passed out, he grabbed my hair and started smashing my head side to side on the sofa.”

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The day after the vicious assault, Thomas Parry proposed to Jessica, only to abuse her once again later that same day. “He came over to me and started stamping on me and spitting on me, stuff like that. After that, he was pouring juice on me and kept spitting on me. He tried to dehumanize me in every way he could,” Jessica said.

Jessica endured years of physical abuse at the hands of her boyfriend
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Jessica disclosed that her jaw requires surgical intervention due to the force of being pushed to the ground by Parry, in addition to the prolonged damage to her legs that has left her with weakness from the beatings. She further shared that she summoned the courage to escape from her home. Recognizing that she could never break free from the abuse unless she took the step to leave.

Jessica said: “We were all in the flat and I somehow got the courage and made a run for it when he wasn’t looking through the front door and out into the street.” Jessica revealed the photographs to Parry’s relatives and later shared them with her own mother. Who urged her to report the matter to the authorities.


Warning: Distressing Images – Mum who endured eight years of abuse at hands of boyfriend wrote goodbye letters to toddler

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As I told the police what I’d been through I could see one of the officers tear up. That’s how bad my injuries were,” she said

Aside from the physical harm inflicted, Jessica is also grappling with complex PTSD. “The emotional abuse is actually worse than the physical. When you see the photos you think that’s the worse part, but to me, what he’s done to me mentally is actually much worse,” she said.

Jessica in her ITV interview
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“I just feel broken, some days I feel okay and I think I’m free now, I’m better now but other days I just start crying because it just replays in my mind. When you’re in that position and you mentally feel like you physically can’t leave. You feel so worn and broken down but it’s not as scary as it seems, because when you’re with someone like that you feel so afraid to leave because of what they might do or say or anything about you, but I’ve realized now I do have a voice and I do deserve better.” She continued.

Jessica aims to inspire others to seek assistance by sharing her story, hoping that her experience may prompt others to reflect on their own situations and consider leaving abusive relationships. She remarked, “Initially, I was apprehensive and kept everything anonymous, but I thought that by disclosing what happened to me, it might encourage someone else to take action or realize that they need to leave.”

Parry - Jessica's abuser
Image Credit: ITV

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