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Jade Small
Jade Small
January 24, 2024 ·  4 min read

Real Men Protect Their Partners, They Don’t Abuse Them

Why do people raise girls with the “there is no love without pain” mentality? Love requires work and compromise, but it does not have to be painful. Love is kind, patient and beautiful. Everyone deserves to be happy when they are in love and real men never abuse their partners.

It’s time we stopped justifying abuse and passing it off as “the things we endure for love.” Imagine the number of women who would be liberated from emotional slavery if everyone stopped acting like the first step to true love is unbearable suffering.

There is no excuse for abuse. There is no justification for emotional torture. Manipulation and blackmail will never be okay, so it’s high time women stepped out of the chains and owned their lives. Women are often told that perfect men do not exist, which may be true, but this does not mean that decent men who do not toy with women’s hearts are unheard of.

A man who truly loves a woman will never make her feel unworthy of his love. He would never body-shame her or act like she’s good-for-nothing. He would love every inch of her, kiss away her insecurities and show her what a driving force she truly is. 

A real man would commit fully to the relationship and never treat her as a side option. She deserves to be loved and cherished every minute of the day, not only when it suits someone to act as if he cares. He expects her to be faithful, so he’ll be faithful too. She can trust him, knowing that he’s been honest from the start and will never take advantage of her feelings for him.

Don’t ever settle for less than what you truly deserve 

A real man protects his woman from anything that could even remotely hurt her physically or mentally, including herself. He fights for her and stands with her. He doesn’t let her beg for his support because he’s always there. When she is in doubt and begins to sabotage herself, he’ll show her how truly capable and perfect she is. He doesn’t pretend to defend her in public and then abuses her at home. He defends her everywhere and gently corrects her when she’s wrong, never judging or berating her.

He understands boundaries and knows that her body belongs to her alone. If she chooses to share it with you, then she’s doing you an honor. He’d never force himself on her or treat her badly. A real man would respect his woman’s body and choices and never touch her in a way she’s not comfortable with. Being married or in a relationship is not a nullification of her right to give consent.

A man who abuses a woman is a coward, a halfling thriving in his degradation of someone he should uplift. A real man would never intentionally make a woman cry. He’d strive to keep her happy, pleasantly surprise her and give her a million reasons to be thankful for their love. 

He loves seeing her confident, glowing and excelling. He loves her for everything she is and doesn’t try to transform her into someone she’s not. She wears colorful, crazy hair? He loves it.

 Does she have tattoos, piercings, and facial rings? She’s perfect and society can’t tell her otherwise. He met her that way so why try to change her?

 She loves her career and chases it passionately? He doesn’t get threatened or tries to discourage her. He’d rather support her and hold her up when she begins to doubt herself.

Real men should be your go-to person, not a scary person

He is the biggest part of her support system and aches to be the person she relies on the most. Love is unconditional and should not be held by glue and duct tape. Love should be solid, resilient and unwavering.

It all goes both ways. For a relationship to be truly happy and successful, both parties would have to put in the same amount of effort to make things work. If he is going to be a real man to you, you should be a real woman to him too. You have to also support and love him, commit to him and encourage him, and abusing him in any way should be the last thing you’d ever think about.

Before you can truly let someone love you, you’d have to love yourself first. Know your worth and take pride in who you are and how far you’ve come in life.

 No one would ever dare to treat you like trash when you treat yourself like the precious jewel you are.

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