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After 16 Years; 18 Miscarriages, 48-Year-Old Mom Welcomed her ‘Miracle Baby’

A miscarriage is extremely difficult to go through, especially for women. Lauren Warneford suffered through 18 miscarriages and thought that all hope was lost. Finally, in 2017, she and her partner had what they call their miracle baby. Today, Lauren wants to help other women having similar problems. 

Woman Gave Birth To Miracle Baby After 18 Miscarriages

Lauren and her husband, Mark, tried to have a baby together for 16 years. They spent over $100,000 on IVF treatments, only to suffer through 18 miscarriages. Finally, in 2017 when Lauren was 48 and Mark 55, they had their miracle baby. (1)

Every time that Lauren became pregnant, she would miscarry at around the 14-week mark. She was devastated every single time. Ultimately, they discovered that she had a condition called “killer cells.” This meant that her body’s own cells, the ones meant to kill cancer and other dangerous cells, were also attacking embryos and killing them. In 2010, the UK couple decided to give up their hope of ever having a child. (1)

 Louise Warneford and husband hold their miracle baby for the first time.
Image  Credit: Louise Warneford

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Hope In The Czech Republic

Five years later, however, Lauren and Mark were given a sliver of hope: Embryo donation in the Czech Republic. They took the chance and went. The treatment worked, and after a very tense pregnancy, Lauren gave birth to their son William by c-section at 37 weeks. (1)

“I must have done a pregnancy test every day for the first three months,” Lauren recalled. “I was absolutely terrified; sometimes, I would take one twice a day. At one point, I had to go to the hospital because I had high blood pressure, and even though the doctor said I was okay, and the baby was fine – I didn’t leave because I was terrified.” (2)

Louise and Mark Warneford with their son William, the miracle baby
 Louise Warneford

The relief the pair felt when they could finally hold baby William, their miracle baby, in their arms, was indescribable. Of course, being new parents at their age comes with its challenges. They don’t have as much energy as younger parents do, and strangers often mistake them for William’s grandparents. Despite all the challenges they face and the money they spent, they wouldn’t give up their precious son for any of it. (1)

Baby Dreams: Lauren’s Miracle Baby Story

In the summer of 2020, Lauren released her book Baby Dreams. Throughout the book, she talks about her heartbreaking experience with miscarriages and dashed hopes. She also then writes about IVF and encourages women to take that route. She hopes that by telling her story, she can give hope and some valuable information to other women struggling to have children of their own. (2)

“I want to help others who are struggling – I don’t want women to suffer in the way that I did,” she says. “Now my mission is to help other women. I don’t want them to suffer. I think if women were to talk about this more often and being more open it wouldn’t be so taboo and it would help society. I would like to address that and help women feel more comfortable.” (2)

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