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Chloe Crawford
Chloe Crawford
December 4, 2023 ·  4 min read

Meet The Man That Has Two Wives, 3 Fiances That Knew Nothing About Each Other

I want to introduce you to Jason Collier, the now-former chief of the Stinnett Police Department in Texas. He’s a proud father of four and happily, has two wives, and has multiple mistresses.

Yep, you read the right — multiple women. And, before I continue, I must warn you that if infidelity tends to anger you — buckle up. 

You might be thinking BORING; we see cheating all the time. And polygamy? 

I mean, we’ve all seen TLC’s Sister Wives. By this point, we’re pretty used to understanding there are polygamous people out there. 

So what makes this story so intense? Well, to start with, none of the women knew about each other until one posted her story on Facebook.

The Discovery

Cecily Steinmetz thought she was in a loving and faithful relationship. When her boyfriend proposed, it was the happiest moment of her life, that is until she found out about another one of his girlfriends.

jason collier stinnett police chief texas
Image Credit: Stinnett Police Department | Facebook

Steinmetz took to Facebook to post a picture with her boyfriend and make their relationship official.

The next morning, she woke up to a text from one of her friends claiming to be friends with Jason’s wife on Facebook.

I woke up the next morning to a text from a very good friend. She said, ‘OK, I know where I know him from.’ She said, ‘I am friends with his wife on Facebook.’ I was completely shocked,” she shared [2].

Her world turned upside down. She had spent so much time with Jason. He had spent time with her family and talked to her about getting an engagement ring [2].

Fake Document

Jason tries to say he’s divorced — denying everything. He handed his girlfriend documents that complimented his story, showing an annulment.

But Cecily knew better. She immediately requested the document Jason had shown her.

The results aren’t what Cecily was hoping for — Jason’s married. And, the document presented originally is fake[2]!

The Facebook Post

Cecily immediately ended their relationship and shared her story on Facebook.

Chief Jason Collier is living a double/triple life. I was his girlfriend until yesterday. He lied to me and presented me…

Posted by Cecily Steinmetz on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Not Just Two Wives

After Cecily took her discovery to Facebook, it wasn’t long before the post went viral.

And, we all know what happens when posts go viral — the truth comes out. 

And believe me, Jason’s romantically involved with many others, apparently. As if one mistress isn’t enough.

For instance, here’s Kristi Shaffer.

She thought she was in a monogamous relationship. But one Facebook post changed everything.

Kristi saw Cecily’s post about Jason and commented immediately, sharing photos they had recently taken together.

How was that going to work out? One of Collier's other alleged girlfriends, Kristi Shaffer, said they had actually been engaged since December
Image Source: Kristi Shaffer | Facebook

I mean, could you imagine? You finally think you find the love of your life and are getting close to tying the knot, then BAM!

You find out he has a wife, a fiance and even more girlfriends?? 

His Arrest

As a result of his actions, the Texas Rangers arrest Collier on January 28, 2021.

The police took Collier to the Hutchinson County Jail by the Texas Rangers. He was charged with tampering with government records with the intent to defraud or harm.

What’s next

The city of Stinnett is aware of their former police chiefs actions.

The city is taking this seriously and will be looking into any violations of city policy. Chief Jason Collier is on leave while the city investigations,” Says the city manager.. “As per city policy, we will refrain from commenting on any personal issues of personnel in a public forum,” [1].

Jason Collier has resigned from the police department because of his potential jail time.

And not just any jail time, he is facing a state jail felony that can land him up to 2 years in jail!

According to Texas state law, a person convicted of a state jail felony faces 180 days to 2 years behind bars and a fine of up to $10,000″ [1].

In conclusion, if you ever find yourself in a position that you go as far as to alter government records, so your multiple affairs aren’t found out, go for it!

I mean, if you’re ready to face jail time that is. 

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