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February 2, 2024 ·  5 min read

People Share The Macabre Things Kids Have Said About Their ‘Past Lives’ And It Is A Little Spooky

If you are a believer in reincarnation you might have heard stories o how children have said the weirdest things that can only be a memory of their past life. Children have a better connection to that memory, which might be because they have not made enough memories in this life to occupy their minds. As they grow up, many end up forgetting even having had the memories in the first place. Luckily, some parents have documented what their children have said, and we have made a compilation of some of the spookiest ones from the Reddit thread.

He Chose Me To Be His Mom

This story is quite unsettling. The mother of a five-year-old boy thinks that her son was abused by his other in a past life. Supposedly he died at a young age because he had told her that he didn’t get to grow up when he was with his other mother. She posted about it under the username, Sleepybear1314:

“My middle son used to talk about having a different mom before me. He would say she was blond and looked nice, but wasn’t nice. Then he would bring it up randomly and only ever got a bit emotional when he would tell me that when he was with her he never got to grow up. He said he chose me to be his mom this time because I would let him grow up and get old. When he would say the last part it was as if he was looking for reassurance. He’d ask me like, “Right, mom? I can grow up this time? Really f***ed me up sometimes.”

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Fancy Hat

One mother had a conversation with her daughter when she was only three years old. She found it so baffling that she posted about it as Raspberry_Sweaty. The conversation started off with the little girl asking her mother if she remembered her “fancy hat.” Her mother was confused, and she replied saying, “no.” 

The little girl persisted that she must remember and she said, “Yeah before I was dead, I used to work in a bank. I saved my money and bought a hat in a round box. I was on the bus and a man almost sat on it. Then the bus crashed and I died.”

He Remembered the Cat

This story was posted by rocker_nerd and it tells the story of a little boy who remembers a cat that had died before he was born. Apparently, this mother’s brother had a calico cat that was brown, white, and black. She was mean-spirited, but love her brother. When her son was born, he spoke about the cat, in a way that made her certain that he was talking about the same calico whom he had never met. Her post read;

“I had a brother pass away from brain cancer. At the time we had a cat who was a calico and just sort of knew he was battling something. She was really mean to most people but with him she was gentle. He would grab her paws and she would just let it happen. Well about three years after he passed my parents had another child. Another boy. He was about three when he told my parents about the white, brown, and black cat that used to let him grab her paws. She had died about a year before he was born.”

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“I remember when we danced in the kitchen

KLWK posted about her son who claims that he remembers his mother when she was his age – a young child. She posted, 

“My son said once, “Mommy, when I was big and you were little, I remember when we danced in the kitchen. The only person I ever danced in a kitchen with as a child was my grandfather.”

Undoubtedly this mother must think that her son is the reincarnation of her grandfather. How would he know that she danced in the kitchen with her if they had never danced in the kitchen together?

I Came Back”

If any of you have dealt with a tragedy like miscarriage, you might find some comfort in this story posted. She thinks that her child is the same baby she was pregnant with before her. Unfortunately, her first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. She wrote:

“My 5-year-old daughter said to me “I was in your belly twice, Mama. The first time I died before I came out…but I came back. “I did lose my first pregnancy 8 months before getting pregnant again. She was never told. I don’t know what it was but- that’s what happened.”

“I Used to Paint Here

This is a creepy story that one person shared of her friend’s child. They were on a ski trip, and her little girl had memories triggered by a past life where she had been there with her mother before this life. Cut-It- wrote about the experience and said, 

“Not me but a friends little sister. The whole family was out for dinner at a restaurant in a skiing village which they recently bought a cottage near. My friends little sister as soon as they walked in said “I know this place. My mother and I used to paint here.” To which her mother replied: “We’ve never been here before, what do you mean?” she replied with “No. My mother from before. We used to paint here all the time.” The family was obviously a little freaked out but didn’t think much of it as she was pretty young and they figured just messing around. Later on though, when talking to the waitress, the little girl again adamantly mentioned how she used to paint there and the waitress revealed that it in fact was an art studio for many years in the 1900s but had been converted sometime in the early 2000s into a restaurant. Needless to say the entire table, waitress included, got Goosebumps and were at a loss for words.

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It’s extraordinary and a little creepy that so many people have had similar experiences. Have you ever encountered anything creepy like this? Let us know in the comments!

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