‘Y’all wanna be fatphobic so bad’: A video of Lizzo in cutout shapewear leads to discussion on airplane attire

If you didn’t know, “Yitty” is the shapewear brand that has been launched by Lizzo. At the moment she is in full swing promoting it. She is using her own social media as a way to promote the clothing brand and, her latest video on TikTok and Instagram has sparked up quite the debate. 

Lizzo’s Airplane Attire

Lizzo is well known for her body positivity campaigns, and she lives her life accordingly. She posted a video on her TikTok account, which you can see below. In it she is promoting the new shapewear brand, Yitty. The video is of her getting out of a car, and boarding a private jet. Her outfit is comprised of a black bra and a pair of high-waisted leggings, that have most of the rear-end cut out, as well as holes cut on the sides, as well as the crotch area.

The song playing is her latest single: “About Damn Time.” She explains that you can find the pre-save link to the song in her bio:  “Song of the summer dropping 4/14. It’s about damn time: Pre Save link in bio.”




Those who saw her video had contrasting feelings about it. Some comments were in support of Lizzo showing off her backside, and those were not as happy about it. One commenter, called @thatstarwarsgirl could not resist pointing out how unfair she finds the world to be. She could not understand why Miss Universe was forced to cover herself up in order to catch a flight to Cabo on American Airline. Her outfit consisted of a cardigan, a sports bra, and a pair of biker shorts.

When Lizzo got to board a flight in her leggings that showed her backside. Her comment was as follows: “So Lizzo’s allowed to get her BARE ASS on a plane & it’s fine but Olivia [Culpo] former Ms. Universe is forced to wear her boyfriend’s hoodie to fly Cabo cause it was ‘inappropriate’… we’re truly living in a clown world.”

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Fans Came to Her Defense

The video posted by Lizzo has since gone viral, and the negative comments have been addressed over and over. Lizzo have a great fanbase, being an icon for body positivity and her fans came to her defense. Lizzo tweeted about the ideals of her Yitty brand: “We’re not here to show you how to hide your rolls. We want you to look in the mirror and feel f*****g confident. I want you to able to look at yourself and say: ‘I love you, I want to treat you well, you deserve this.’”@lizzo

 @lilsebastianxx replied to the above comment: “This is such an unintelligent attempt at comparison. Lizzo paid the money for a PRIVATE plane…that plane is going where Lizzo paid for it to go, she can wear anything she wants. The other girl is in a public airport where you are not treated the same as on a private plane.”

Another fan of Lizzo did agree with @thatstarwarsgirl that the point that Miss universe was made to cover up is good, but the comparison was not. @ElegantSavant wrote: “Is making her wear her boyfriend’s hoodie stupid? “Yes! But so are you for this comparison.”

@putridflesh said: “ . . y’all wanna be fatphobic so bad you’ll ignore the fact that lizzo was on a private jet and the other girl was flying commercial??”

Lizzo Responds 

So, Lizzy kept her cool in her response by tweeting: “Like what you see? Go to YITTY.COM.” And in another tweet, she wrote: “YITTY DROPS IN 20 MINUTES!! YOU TOO CAN SHOW UR ASS ON A JET @Yitty”she managed to get some promoting in there as well – never missing her chance.

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