Jade Small
Jade Small
January 18, 2023 ·  6 min read

19 Of The Best Tweets From Parents That Perfectly Capture Life With A Three-Year-Old

Children are definitely one of humanity’s greatest challenges in life. That doesn’t mean they don’t come without reward. Along with throwing downright tantrums a lot of the time, they say the funniest things a lot of the time. there is never a dull moment, kids around three years old. Today we have 19 different Tweets made by parents which describe a hilarious interaction with their three-yea-told toddlers.

Tweets about three-year-olds.
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1. No remorse 

Sometimes kids say things just as they are. So if they find something annoying, they tell you straight up, no beating around the bush. This kid was clearly sick of hearing this specific song. 

2. Don’t worry mommy

When kids are getting fed up with their mom making sure they aren’t running off. They will find the darndest things to say. 

3. One smart meatball

This kid has his dad stunned. Simply by calling a hamburger a flat meatball he has come to the conclusion his child is a genius. they just had to tweet about it.

4. Sorry, wrong person

This mom thought their 3-year-old was telling her they love her, when really they were referring to their stuffed teddy bear. How silly of her. 

5. Tweets of Deceit

For any child, unopened christmas presents under the christmas tree is enough to drive them crazy. One dad has found the greatest technique to prevent their daughter opening presents before the 25th.

6. Tweets of confusion

This tiny human was seriously confused about where babies come from. It’s tweets like these that make life great. 

7. Complementive Tweets

This kid clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed, their poor parents. 

8. Fierce children 

This man not only raised his kids to be self-sufficient or self-reliant. But, he also raised them to have a drive! 

9. Tweets from amused parents 

This mom made a joke about her 3-year-old moving out because she wants to eat sweets with pap. Pap is a maize-based grain which is generally served as a staple savory side dish. 

10. Trickster

This little trickster is going to grow up To be a master prankster. Even if they get too big to fit into a suitcase. 10 points for effort, and thanks to the dad for the tweet. 

11. Evil kid tweets

The moment when you realize you raised an absolute genius for a kid. That, and a die-hard cake lover. She just wants it all to herself. 

12: Schooled by your own kids

When your child knows what is best for you. But wait… isn’t it meant to be the other way around? 

13. Dead grapes tweet

This is one of those moments when a child can’t remember how to english. But, in the cutest possible, and slightly morbid, kind of way. We hope they got their raisons. 

14. Your biggest fan

Your parents are always going to be your biggest fans. There’s no doubt about that. These parents are so proud, they Tweeted about it. 


15. Tweets on errands

When your child is clearly older than what they look. Some kids are just born beyond their years… Old souls, we call them. These parents made a tweet about their jet-setter daughter. 

16. More confused Tweets

This dad either tried his best to explain to his 3-year-old that it wasn’t their mom. Or, he found their child’s confusion annoying. We will never know. 

17. An accurate Tweet

This parent is clearly hit by a bout of my-child-is-a-genius. Either that or they can see something we don’t. We are leaning towards the former.

18. Nonsensical Tweets 

When your children just make no sense whatsoever. Why would they want to be itchy? It’s a conundrum of note. The poor parent was just trying to help their child. If only we could read minds.

19. Worm dream

Imagine being told to become a worm by your child. This mom made a Tweet of appreciation over how cool her child is. At least her child has an abundant imagination.

Living with a Three-year-old 

Living with grown humans can be tough because not all of us get along. But imagine living with a three-year-old that has. Minimal emotional control, let alone maturity. We can forgive the tiny humans though because this is where they are learning the most valuable skills in interaction. After reading the hilarious Tweets, here are some tips on how to handle a bossy and dependent toddler. 

One thing to remember is that your Three-year-old is going to copy everything you do. So if they surprise you, take stock of your own behavior. They are also extremely independent. They are sick and tired of their parents doing everything for them. So, if you hand your child a packet of chips, let them open it. Fight the urge to do it for them. 

Next, three-year-olds have tiny bodies, but massive emotions. They don’t always have the means to process their feelings except have a flail-on-the-floor and scream-blue-murder tantrum. This is normal. Don’t try to teach them while they’re in this mode. Rather wait for them to be calm to talk about ways to control anger. 


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