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March 15, 2024 ·  3 min read

What Kim Kardashian Allegedly Pays Her Nannies For ’24/7′ Service

The Kardashians have been known as hard workers for a while now. The entrepreneurial side of the family seems to thrive amongst them all. Kim Kardashian juggles being a multiple business owner, a reality TV star, and a budding attorney. This means her schedule is crazy and she has little to no time for herself during the day. As a result, she relies on her nannies to help with her children 24/7. On the plus side, their apparent salaries would definitely make it worth it.

Kim Kardashian pays well for full-time help

Kim Kardashian is a working mother of four children. Kanye and Kim’s first child, and oldest, is North West who was born in 2013. Then came Saint in 2015, who was followed by Chicago in 2018. Their youngest child is Psalm, who was born in 2019. Kim is a businesswoman and reality TV star and her schedule takes up most of her time. This means that she requires her nannies to help care for her four children 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not only does Kim have 24/7 help with her children, but according to Radar Online, they are paid well. ” They have a team of nannies on at all times and on call 24/7, each making a salary of around $100k,” an insider said to Radar.

The insider claimed that the nannies who work for the Kardashians are treated well as if they are a member of the family. “Both Kim and Khloé treat their nannies like family,” said the insider. “Kim has several nannies that help with her kids and they have worked for the family for a while. Khloé has also held onto a nanny for True that she treats well.”

According to The Sun, Kim Kardashian hired one nanny for each of her children. Additionally, she has two tutors for the children. That makes a team of six nannies working in her household. It has been revealed that each one of those nannies receives a salary of $100,000

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She runs a tight ship

They may be treated like family, but that does not mean they are not at work while around the Kardashians. Furthermore, there is a manual containing a long list of rules and instructions they all have to follow. They have an intense routine that must be followed diligently. “Their routines are so hectic and there’s no doubt they need nannies,” said the insider. “But they’re not making it easy on their bank balance by insisting on the best of the best!”

Another source mentioned that Kim is quite a strict mom. She has a lot of rules and routines for her children which she ensures the nannies carry out. A source said: “She runs a very ‘tight ship'” with no deviations, no exceptions to the rules and often at the expense of fun. For her, it’s all about instilling the right values in her kids, their development, always focused on their futures, their ‘brands’, their talents, but little time to actually play with them or enjoy them.”

The source told The Sun that even though the Kardashians are notorious for being intense with the rules they have for their children, Kim takes the cake. “All the sisters are high maintenance when it comes to the kids and what’s allowed and what’s not, but it’s Kim who is the strictest – mainly because of the influence of Kanye,” said the source. “Kim has a very ridiculous set of rules about what’s allowed, what’s not, how the kids are to behave, to eat, what they’re allowed to wear, to do… it’s regimented down to every detail.” 

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