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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
January 27, 2022 ·  4 min read

He Kicked His Teen Son Out for Being Gay, so His Wife Broke Up With Him

Parents are supposed to love their children no matter what, right? Well, apparently not all parents agree. This mom was shocked when one day her 15-year-old son called her at work in tears. He had just come out as gay to his dad, who angrily kicked him out of the house. The mom responded in a way that garnered praise from the entire LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

Mom Splits Up and Kicks Out Husband After He Refuses To Support Their Gay Son

The original poster (OP) first logged into Reddit because she was looking for advice having recently found out her son was gay. Admitting that she didn’t know much about the LGBTQ+ world, she was hoping to learn from the community about all the different ways she could support her teenage son. First, however, she felt the need to explain the story of why she was especially looking to go above and beyond to support her son: Because his father, essentially, all but disowned him when he found out. (1)

“My son 15 just came out yesterday as gay to my husband and my husband kicked him out well I was at work!” the angry mom began. “I got a panicked phone call from my baby telling me everything and let me tell y’all I was pissed. I left work early and drove over to my house where I saw my baby boy sitting on the curb with his clothes and sh*t all across the damn lawn and a screaming, as of now, soon-to-be ex-husband, who is not the man I thought I married!!!”

When she arrived on the scene, she didn’t hesitate to rip into her now ex-husband. She told him that if he couldn’t be a real man and love and support his son no matter what his sexual orientation, then they would be effectively through. She could absolutely not be with or support someone who refused to love their son the way that they should.

“I gave that b*stard a piece of my mind and told him that if he can’t be a man and support his son then he can kiss my ass, and find someone else to pay his bills. I shoved my boy’s stuff in the back of my truck and went to a hotel, that I’m in right now cause my parents can’t pick us up till Monday so we can stay with them,” she said.

He Kicked The Wrong Person Out

After chatting with a few Reddit users, she realized that the wrong people were being forced out of the home. She was the primary breadwinner and was paying nearly all of the bills for their home. OP returned to the house and instead kicked out the ex-husband.

“I’m paying for the house so that mother f*cker will be out in a few days and my son will be back in his home. I bought my son a bunch of pride stuff! Apparently, he’s had a boyfriend for around 7 months now and I’m getting to meet him over facetime tomorrow and I’m so excited!!!!”

She later posted an update about her ex’s reaction to the whole situation which was, as you can imagine, quite poor. The man apparently told her he couldn’t kick her out and that she needed him. Then he switched his tune to telling her that he was already sleeping with other women behind her back. 

“obviously this upset me but then I remembered that I don’t have to put up with this crap so I told him it’s time to haul ass before i make him and he started crying like a baby begging me to let him stay and saying ” you’ll never find another man like me” and I told him that is the whole point of me leaving him.”

With that, the man left, and now she and her son have the home to themselves.

Praise From Reddit

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People from Reddit and all over the internet have been heaping praise onto this mother for the way she fearlessly supported and loved her son. People commented saying that this is how a parent is supposed to be. They have been cheering her on and thanking her for restoring their faith in humanity.

“Dang but there ain’t nothing better than a riled up mama bear. As an older member of the LGBTQ+ community (nearer to 60 than I care to think!) I’ve seen too many folks abandoned or actively ostracized by their family over the decades. As screwed up and scary as this world is right now I can’t tell you how much good it does my heart and how much hope it gives me to hear a tale of mama lettin’ loose an aw, hell nah! and coming out swinging. Your kid is in great hands” wrote one commenter.

Let’s all take a lesson from this woman not just on how to be an effective, loving parent, but also an LGBTQ+ ally. Bravo!

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