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‘Boys Can Be Princesses Too’ Photos Go Viral on Facebook: ‘We Can All Be Whatever We Want to Be When We Play’

Our children have some of the most expansive imaginations, especially when it comes to dressing up. Costumes can be super fun and lets you be someone else for just a moment. However, the Boys Can Be Princesses Too photoshoot is redefining gender norms. Photo’s of little boys dressing up as their favorite princesses has gone viral in the best way possible.

Boys Can Be Princesses Too!

Kitty Wolf was inspired to do this photoshoot for a number of reasons. Mainly because she was sick and tired of seeing little boys being ‘princess-shamed’ for wanting to dress up as their favorite princess.

Society seems to have no problem when girls play as male superheroes, like Thor and Iron Man, but lots of people get offended to their very core if a boy wears a princess dress.” Wolf said in a statement to Red Tricycle.

She’s absolutely right. The preconceived notions that people have on gender norms can be toxic. Especially when it comes to their children, they want to be able to choose what their kid’s like. Even though it’s been proven time and time again that clothing has nothing to do with gender. There are grown adults, both men, and women, who wear what they want despite what others think of them.

Wolf further explains her overall mission and goal for this project. “To show support for kids and parents of kids that choose to play as princesses, no matter their gender. And perhaps show the world it’s ok to play as whoever you want, even if it’s a boy in a ballgown.” (1)

The Princess Photoshoot

Despite so many people saying negative things about this photoshoot, the amount of love is absolutely overwhelming. Parents from all sides of the earth began posting their own photos of their sons dressed as princesses.

One photo showing two little boys dressed as princesses.
Photo Credit: Boys Can Be Princesses Too!

The utter joy that radiates from these kids faces brings so much happiness into the world. You can tell that they are loving every second of being with their favorite princess as well as dressed as their favorite princess.

One photo of little boy dressed as the princess Rapunzel.
Photo Credit: Boys Can Be Princesses Too!

This photoshoot reveals the wholesomeness of these little boys shining with their princess idols. There isn’t any discomfort, no one seems to hate what they’re wearing, and the princesses are teaching them how to be magical! You almost feel the love pouring from each one of these photos the more you scroll through them.

One photo of little boy dressed as Tatiana from princess and the frog.
Photo Credit: Boys Can Be Princesses Too!

Every single moment captured proves to the world that boys certainly can be princesses too if they want to be. However, people will argue that this is confusing- and that’s plain wrong.

Redefining Gender Norms

Of course, there isn’t a manual that teaches you how to be a good parent. However, letting your kids dress how they want to is a key element in letting them grow. The parents that posted pictures of their sons dressed as princesses in the comments all agree that this is a magical experience for them. You could say the same for little girls that want to dress up as superheroes. All these kids want to do is to just be happy and have a moment of magic or power that seems obtainable.

Depriving your child of something that you want for them personally can actually be more damaging than helpful. It’s important to let your children explore these feelings and emotions as they grow up. There is only so much that you can do as a parent other than give them all of your love and support. There are also a variety of support groups that are aimed towards encouraging other parents to do the same with their kids.

Like we said before, there are also grown adults that feel like clothes don’t have a gender. Take this father for instance who has dressed in a mini-skirt and heels everyday to work as a manager for robotic engineering. He’s a straight male, has a wife, kids, and just loves to dress up the way he wants.

I just told them that their dad liked to wear skirts and heels and not to worry about me being gay or that it’s anything sexual.” Mark Bryan explains. (2)

Letting Boys Be Princesses Or Girls Being Princes

Parents who are able to love themselves for who they are, including their kids, goes a very long way. There are far too many adults and children who suffer from this kind of oppression from their families. They will go their whole lives trying to please others rather than focusing on their own happiness. This can have dire consequences for some people who can even sometimes develop lifelong depression. Eventually leading to suicidal thoughts.

Take the time to talk to your children if they have questions. Let them explore and wonder about these feelings. They will come to you when they are ready to talk about it.

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