Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
April 9, 2024 ·  3 min read

Teen Influencer Defends Her Relationship With 60-Year-Old Man After People Call Them Out

People dating out of their age range is taboo or, at the very least, controversial. While some have misguided intentions, others have pure hearts, out to find love and companionship. This is the case with 18-year-old TikTok influencer Keisha Louise.

Facing Judgement from Followers

Keisha began dating her 60-year-old boyfriend in 2022 and uses her page to give others insight into her relationship. Her video posts consist of couple’s gym sessions, on vacation, or just cuddled up on the couch. Unsurprisingly the 40-year age gap has sparked mixed emotions from her followers. One TikToker commented: “Good luck changing his nappy when you’re 30.” While others have accused her of being after his money, questioning her sanity, or sobriety.

As a result, she announced on December 31st that she would be reelevating her online presence. There’s “only so much she can take as a person”. She explained, adding, “I will still come live and say hello now and again. But this has taught me not to be so kind and not let people in. I will tag my backup account for you all. Once again to the good ones. Thankyou.”

Supporters Shine Through

Although many have been apprehensive about the relationship, others have given their support and encouragement. “This is the cutest this is true love age is just a number. People need to stop being so quick to judge if your happy girl your happy.” Shared one user.

As long as ur both happy ignore what anyone else has to say that’s negative, this is adorable you both look so happy xx,” said another. Meanwhile a third said, “Don’t listen to the haters. If he treats you good that’s all that matters xx.”

Keisha has since responded to some of the comments stating, ” “This man has showed me love like no over and treated me like I should be treated. two years and I’ve never felt so secure.”

To another she said, “I’ve never felt love or appreciation as much as I have with this man. Two years and still love him like the day I met him.”

Happy is an understatement! Age is irrelevant it’s about what’s in the heart.” She shared with her followers.

Upsides of an Age Gap

Although the huge age gap does elicit mixed feelings in people, there are a few things that most people should consider. First, everyone lives their own journey, and how they see fit to do so, provided they aren’t harming anyone, is entirely up to them. More importantly, the trend of women dating older men isn’t a new one. There are a number of reasons that a woman would choose to date an older man, and in most cases, “daddy issues” or seeking money aren’t included. Although both reasons occur, many women find being with an older man more comfortable. They’re more established and often more mature.

Regardless of one’s take on “age is just a number,” the most important aspect of any relationship is that it’s a happy, healthy, and safe environment for both parties. In some cases, an older man may feel as though his age gives him more power in the relationship. Or he might be set in his ways and unwilling to compromise for the sake of his partner or relationship. There are seemingly just as many upsides as there are downsides to dating an older man (or woman). However, if both people have mutual respect for each other, an open line of communication, and a willingness to work as a team, they’re sure to be successful, no matter how big of an age gap they share.

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