Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
April 1, 2024 ·  7 min read

10 Reasons Why You Should Date An Older Woman At Least Once

Have you ever considered why we would suggest dating an older woman? In 1745, the illustrious Benjamin Franklin penned a letter to his friend Cadwallader Colden. In this letter, he offered peculiar advice to control “violent natural inclinations,” which may sound somewhat unsettling. While we can’t be sure of Colden’s proclivities, Franklin suggested marriage as a solution. Believing that the union of man and woman creates a harmonious and fulfilled individual, increasing the likelihood of success.

However, Franklin seemed aware that Colden might not embrace his counsel, so he presented an alternative approach: “That in all your amours you should prefer old women to young ones.” He outlined eight reasons to support this stance on marrying an older woman. Over the course of approximately 270 years, much has changed since our beloved Founding Father. Known for his kite-flying escapades, he penned this letter. Some of his points retain relevance today, while others are, diplomatically speaking, intriguing. We’ve added a few.

So here are 10 reasons why you should at the very least, try dating an older woman

1. They have so much to teach you

The essence of life lies in continuous learning. Without learning, our existence lacks true meaning. Imagine having an intelligent, captivating, enigmatic, and remarkably impressive woman as your companion. Someone who stands by your side, shares experiences, and evolves alongside you. This is the ultimate desire of any man.

Being with a woman from whom you cannot learn is akin to being with the wrong person. The ideal partner will be someone who consistently surprises and impresses you throughout your entire life. Together, you’ll embark on a journey of perpetual discovery and growth.

2. They’re just that much sexier

It’s true that as people age, their bodies undergo changes, and this applies to both women and men. However, with a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise, women can maintain an attractive appearance well into their 50s and beyond. Thanks to the rapid advancements in modern-day science, there are even more possibilities for maintaining vitality and youthful looks, which can be reassuring.

Furthermore, sexiness is not solely defined by one’s physical appearance. Age can bring its own charm and allure. Older women often exude a certain confidence and wisdom that can be captivating. While it may be challenging to articulate precisely how they achieve it, their experience and self-assurance contribute to their unique appeal.

3. They’re more than happy to be part of a team, which makes dating an older woman feel safe

Embracing the solo journey in life has its allure. But it’s undeniable that flying solo can lead to occasional bouts of loneliness. Balancing your egocentric drive for greatness with a meaningful relationship can be the key to fulfillment. Finding a partner who shares your ambitions and is willing to take on the world with you can be immensely rewarding.

Success doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit. With the right person by your side, achieving your goals becomes more manageable, regardless of what you strive for. A life partner is meant to be a pillar of support, encouraging and empowering you to succeed in all aspects of life. Together, you can create a powerful and enriching journey toward greatness.

4. Dating an older woman is great because they are always keen to try new things

Exploring new experiences in the bedroom may not seem necessary until you try it. One of the appealing aspects of being with older women is their sense of confidence and control in the relationship, which can be incredibly alluring. They often take the initiative to introduce new things without directly asking you to do so.

The things you might have seen on TV or fantasized about can become a reality with an older woman who is open to exploration and unafraid to venture into new territories in the realm of intimacy. Their experience and self-assurance can lead to a fulfilling and exciting sexual connection that goes beyond what you may have imagined.

5. Older women are better in bed

Sex and riding a bicycle are fundamentally different. While practicing may not guarantee improvement in bicycle riding, sex is an aspect of life that can indeed be enhanced with experience. Sex encompasses more than just the physical act itself.

It involves the anticipation, the waiting periods, and the tension that builds up, creating a richer and more fulfilling experience. Through this journey, individuals can learn more about themselves and their evolving sexuality, leading to a deeper understanding of their desires and preferences.

6. Older women are passionate, never neglecting their need for fulfillment

Mature women possess a profound understanding of life, coupled with a deep love and passion for it. Their experiences have shaped them, allowing them to love more intensely. The connections they form are unique, reaching depths that may elude younger women who have not yet encountered life’s many facets. With time comes a transformation in the way they love, as the various shades of love intertwine and evolve over the years, resulting in deeper and richer hues of affection and emotion.

7. Older women know how to show appreciation for their relationships

Young women may initially feel happy in a relationship, but that happiness can fade when faced with challenges. On the other hand, older women comprehend the challenges of finding a compatible partner, and when they find someone special, they are inclined to invest the effort to make the relationship work instead of discarding it for trivial reasons.

Older women often exhibit greater thoughtfulness and compassion. They recognize that compromise is sometimes essential for a successful relationship and are willing to make the necessary adjustments for the well-being of the partnership. Their understanding and willingness to work together contribute to the strength and longevity of the relationship.

8. Dating an older woman is great – she’s career-focused, which means she has real drive

Having a preference for driven, strong, and brilliant women is entirely subjective, and it’s essential to recognize and respect individual preferences in relationships. If those qualities are not your preference, then it may not matter to you whether a woman is focused on her passions. Indeed, people often require time to explore their options, discover themselves, and find their true purpose in life.

Older individuals tend to have a higher likelihood of having gone through this process, gaining valuable life experiences that can lead to a clearer sense of purpose and direction. It is this depth of understanding and self-awareness that can make relationships with older individuals uniquely fulfilling for some people.

9. Older women know what they want, and they don’t stop until they get it

As women mature, much like men, they develop a deeper self-awareness. They better understand their emotions and what they seek in a relationship. Older women tend to exhibit a greater willingness to commit and engage in open communication to ensure the relationship’s success.

When faced with challenges, they are less likely to flee, recognizing that difficulties are an inevitable part of any relationship. Instead, they proactively address issues and work together to overcome them, fostering a more enduring and steadfast bond.

10. Dating an older woman is stimulating because they hold really good, intellectual conversations

Intelligent older women bring a wealth of life experiences that provide them with a vast repository of interesting and valuable information to share. As people grow older, their intelligence and wisdom tend to expand, making them more knowledgeable and insightful.

Choosing to meet and connect with an older woman allows you to engage with someone who has accumulated a wealth of experiences, making conversations more intriguing and enriching. Rather than meeting someone at 20, where they are still growing and evolving, waiting until they reach 27 or beyond can lead to more profound and meaningful connections as they continue to mature and become even more remarkable individuals.

So if you haven’t given dating an older woman a try yet, what do you have to lose?

The allure of an intelligent older woman lies in the mystery she presents. She becomes the captivating enigma you can’t resist pursuing, continuously seeking to understand the depth of your affection for her. While it’s not to say that a younger woman couldn’t evoke similar feelings, the older women have left a lasting impression, haunting your thoughts and emotions. Their life experiences and wisdom seem to add a layer of complexity that keeps you entranced, making them the ones who have a profound impact on your heart and mind.


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