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June 8, 2024 ·  5 min read

Woman Begs for Help After Making ‘Horrifying’ Discovery in Her Bathroom

Cleaning may not be the most enjoyable task, but it’s necessary to get rid of the dirt and bacteria that can accumulate over time. When it comes to a dirty bathroom, it’s important to pay extra attention to towels, mats, and shower curtains, as they can be breeding grounds for germs. Unfortunately, one Queensland mom learned this lesson the hard way, as she discovered a hidden surprise lurking in her dirty bathroom long after it was too late.

Karyina, a resident of Queensland, Australia, recently faced a daunting task when she tried to clean her bathroom. After lifting the shower mat to clean the floor, she was met with an unpleasant surprise. The woman posted a photo on the Cleaning & Organizing Inspiration Australia Facebook group to ask for help with her predicament.

The Dirty Bathroom Surprise

Image Credit: Facebook/Cleaning and Organising Inspiration Australia

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The photo of Karyina’s dirty bathroom showed what some people believed to be “worms” emerging from the floor, prompting comments such as “Lord, I thought that was worms” and “Did anyone else freak out thinking it was worms of some sort?!” Others were shocked by the mess Karyina had to deal with, whether it looked like worms or not.

Upon further inspection, Karyina found that the bath mat had somehow melded into the dirty bathroom floor, leaving debris from the material stuck to the tiles. Fortunately, some Facebook users came forward with sensible solutions for the mess.

One person suggested using “Goo remover” from Bunnings, a hardware store in Australia, which they claimed is “bloody amazing on anything sticky!” Another person recommended pouring boiling hot water from the kettle onto the mess, while another suggested using paint thinner and a plastic scraper to scrape away the debris.

One Facebook user mentioned that eucalyptus oil worked well for them in a similar situation, while another recommended using acetone from an auto shop (not nail polish remover) on porcelain tiles. However, some people warned Karyina to proceed with caution as tiled floors can be easily damaged. Another person shared their experience of having a similar issue on their tile floor and advised using a steam mop with a brush to avoid scratching or damaging the tiles.

Some Good Advise

Image Credit: Pexels

Regardless of the solution, Karyina’s situation serves as a reminder that regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent the buildup of dirt, grime, and other unpleasant surprises in a dirty bathroom. It is essential to pay extra attention to frequently overlooked areas, such as under shower mats, to ensure that they are free of debris and bacteria. By taking proactive measures, we can keep our bathrooms clean, safe, and pleasant to use.

Do you dread cleaning any room in the house? It’s likely that you said the bathroom is top of that list. It can be quite a daunting task to scrub away the buildup from showers, bathtubs, toilets, and other surfaces, and it can take a lot of time and effort. However, there is a 10-step process that you can use to clean your bathroom quickly and efficiently.

Step 1: Clear the Room

Employee's hand in rubber protective glove with rag washing and polishing a shower doors. Maid or housewife cares about house. Spring general or regular clean up. Commercial cleaning company concept.
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Start by removing all items from their usual spots. Instead of doing this step as you go, try to remove everything from the entire bathroom at once. Take out all your products from the shower and/or bathtub and toss out any used towels and rugs outside the room. Move all items from the counters out of the bathroom, and don’t forget to grab any trash cans.

Step 2: Dust and Sweep

woman washing and sweeping the bathroom floor
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To remove dust, grab a duster with a long handle to eliminate any cobwebs in corners, on light fixtures, or in vents. If you can’t reach the cobwebs, use a stepladder to get up high. Once you’re done, sweep or vacuum the floors to pick up any hair and debris that may have accumulated on the floors.

Step 3: Apply Cleaner to the Shower and Bathtub

Close-up spray of cleaning agent onto the shower head. Lime deposits on the tap.
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If you clean your shower regularly, apply an all-purpose cleaner. If you have serious buildup, use an acid-based cleaner. Remember to apply the cleaner to the shower track and inside the shower door if it’s applicable. Let the cleaner soak.

Step 4: Tackle Other Surfaces

Image Credit: Pexels

Spray an all-purpose cleaner on your cleaning device, such as a microfiber cloth or sponge, and wipe down any towel racks, shelves, baseboards, doors, blinds, and windowsills. Work in sections from the top of the room to the bottom, and left to right.

Step 5: Mix Cleaning Solution for the Floor

Bucket and mop on floor at home, space for text. Cleaning equipment
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Fill a bucket with warm water and the recommended amount of all-purpose cleaner.

Step 6: Hit the Shower and Bathtub

closeup of a man, wearing a pair of blue rubber gloves, cleaning the bathtub with a pink dishcloth and a cleaner from a spray bottle, in a beige tiled bathroom
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At this point, the cleaner should have done most of the work for you, making it easy to scrub away loose dirt and buildup. Get all the walls, floors, and other surfaces clean before rinsing.

Step 7: Finish the Shower and Bathtub

Close up of female hands with rubber gloves cleaning bathtub
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Replace all the items you removed, wiping them if necessary as you go, then close the shower curtain or door. If you have a shower door, use glass cleaner to give it a streak-free finish.

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Step 8: Clean the Vanity Area

Sao Paulo SP Brazil April 10 2021 Interior modern residential home detail sink area bathroom many products vanity stand daily real life mess mishmash Messy little half bathroom dirty cleaning clutter
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Spray an all-purpose cleaner on the sink, faucets, and countertops, and then wipe with a clean cloth. If there’s a buildup in the sink or in a soap dish, use a scrubby sponge to loosen it before wiping it clean. Use glass cleaner on your mirror, and a damp cloth to remove dust from cabinet faces.

Step 9: Clean the Toilet

close up hands women wearing protect glove blue using liquid cleaning solution cleaning flush toilet, disinfection and hygiene concept
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If you clean your toilet regularly, the all-purpose cleaner should be enough. Spray or sprinkle a toilet-specific cleaner if there’s buildup, then scrub with a toilet brush before flushing. Spray the outside of the toilet with the all-purpose cleaner, then wipe with a clean cloth.

Step 10: Mop the Floor

Cleaning floor in room close-up
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Submerge your mop into the bucket of cleaning solution, squeeze out excess water, then clean the bathroom floor. Once the floor is dry, replace the trash can and your freshly laundered rugs.

This article originally appeared on Tiffy Taffy and has been republished here with permission.

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