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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 3, 2024 ·  3 min read

Groom Abandons Bride During Marriage Ceremony After His Mother Insults Her

Weddings are usually an expensive affair. The bride’s dress, the bridesmaid, the tuxedos, the flowers, not to mention all the food to feed the many guests invited. Lamia Al-Labawi was all glamoured up in her wedding dress, on the verge of getting married to an unnamed groom. In the end, Lamia was left at the altar by her groom. Her almost mother-in-law did not appreciate how the bride looked, which made her an unsuitable bride for her son.

Bride was left at the altar for being too “ugly and short”

Lamia was about to be married to her fiance. When the big day arrived, all the preparations had been set in motion. Lamia adorned herself in her wedding gown and prepared to walk down the aisle. She had not yet met her mother-in-law, who had allegedly only seen pictures of her future daughter-in-law. When the mother-in-law first clapped her eyes on Lamia, she called off the wedding in front of all the guests. Lamia was tragically left at the altar on what was meant to be the start of a new chapter in her life.

Photographic evidence that the wedding had actually started before it was abruptly brought to a half showed the bride and groom standing next to each other. Lamia looked nervous, and her almost-husband matched that while he wiped the sweat from his bow with a handkerchief.

Lamia was left at the altar
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Allegedly, the mother of the groom was seriously unimpressed with Lamia’s appearance. According to the Yabaleft report, she “threw a fit,” despite the many guests watching the scene. She thought that Lamia was too “short” and “ugly” to marry her son. So, she called off the wedding. What was even more shocking to the guests who witnessed the tragic turn of events, was that the groom actually agreed with his mother. Instead of arguing, he stepped down from the altar and left with her.

The embarrassment

Lamia took to her social media pages to express the embarrassment she felt after being left at the altar. She explained that she is an orphan who had no family to help with the wedding expenses. In other words, this meant she had forked out a lot of money to pay for everything. Additionally, put a lot of effort into the preparations for her almost big day.

Lamia all dressed up ready for her wedding day
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Not only had her day been taken away from her by her ex-fiance’s mother, but the embarrassment of being left at the altar was too much to bear. She described how she felt humiliated by the ordeal, and could not look any of the guests in the eye. They whispered loud enough for Lamia to hear them gossiping about her misfortune.

Internet shows support for the bride left at the altar

Subsequently, a prominent public figure, a theatrical artist named Hedi Mejri posted a message for Lamia. In short, she wrote about the fact that the only thing she lost was a man not worthy of being her husband. The ex-mother-in-law might have thought Lamia was not worthy. But, it was the other way around in Mejri’s eyes.

“A message to Lamia Al-Labawi, the bride whose husband ran away and left her and chose to complete the ceremony alone. I, Hedi Mejri, decided to write these words to you, and I hope they reach you,” wrote Mejri. “He added in his post: “With all love, I tell you to raise your head and face the world with all your strength. You did not lose a man, you lost whoever could be a curse in your life. So, you gained irreplaceable comfort and freedom.”


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