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June 17, 2022 ·  3 min read

Tom Hanks Angrily Rushes To Protect Wife After Fans Knock Her Over

Being a celebrity means that you are always on the clock unless you are within the comforts of your home. Fans are always watching, and they are never too far behind. In short, Tom Hanks has caught the attention of the media after he shouted at some of his fans after they accidentally pushed his wife.

Tom Hanks Defends his Wife

Actor, Tom Hanks, and his wife, Rita Wilson were spending a night together at a restaurant on June 15th. Sadly, the general norm for A-Lister celebrities like Tom Hanks is a swarm of fans and paparazzi trying to take their picture. As they left the restaurant they were met by a group of fans who crowded around the couple. In a video posted to YouTube, a security guard can be seen trying to make space in and amongst the chaos of people so that Tom and his wife could get into their car.

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In the video, you can hear Tom’s security guards advising him to, “be careful, Tom”. However, his fans pushed forward, trying to get to Tom. they nearly knocked over Rita in the process. subsequently, she can be heard yelling in shock, “stop it”. Consequently, Tom lost his cool. He rushed forward to protect his wife from the mob, and can be heard yelling: “This is my wife. Back the f**k off!”

As a result, his fans and the paparazzi can be heard apologizing to Tom in the video. Meanwhile, Tom’s security guards continue to ask the crowd to step back.

Fans support Tom Hanks online

Currently, Tom is busy promoting the film called, “Elvis“. In this biopic, he is playing the manager of the infamous Elvis Presley, known as Tom Parker, and Elvis himself is being played by Austin Butler. The film is to be released on June 24th. The Forest Gump actor has been an American favorite for quite some time. So, it is not surprising that many fans have justified and defended his actions.

One fan took to Twitter and wrote: “He was well within his rights to get angry. People need to know their personal space.” Another wrote: “Just how pushy do you need to be to get even Tom Hanks angry like this?”

Another fan said they would do the same thing for their own wife. “My wife gets knocked down, I am doing the same thing. There are times where its OK to snap. Defend [your] wife is one,” they wrote.

Furthermore, another fan tweeted their respect for Tom. They said: “You could see [Tom Hanks] looked concerned when his wife stormed ahead of him. So, I think he was right to put the attention on himself so his wife could move safely away. You never know what people will do these days. Glad she’s ok.”

Lastly, another tweeted: “COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED. Y’all, if your actions are inspiring Tom Hanks to scream at you, you have made grave missteps in your life choices.”

Not the First Celebrity to defend their spouse

This is not the first time that a celebrity like Tom Hanks had to come to the defense of their wife. The most recent incident is still fresh in everyone’s memory. Similarly, George Clooney had to defend his wife after a paparazzi photographer literally climbed a fence into their private home to get a picture of them. As a result, he decided to take matters to court. “Make no mistake—the photographers, the agency and the magazine will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Clooney stated. He then added: “The safety of our children demands it.”

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