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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
January 2, 2024 ·  3 min read

Mom Gives Birth To 16th Baby, And Each Child’s Name Begins With ‘C’ For A Special Reason

When you have 16 children, it could get tough to name the 16th child. This couple from North Carolina recently welcomed their 16th kid but had no clue what to name them. Interestingly, this family has a tradition of naming their kids with the letter C. Now with not many names remaining with C, they did find themselves in a tough spot. Finally, they named their child, Clayton.

The couple, Carlos Hernandez and Patty Hernandez have been living in Charlotte, North Carolina for some time now. And, not surprisingly, they’re well known. After all, having 16 kids that all have a name starting with the letter C isn’t all that common.

We name everyone with a C because my husband’s name starts with C, and also because of Christ. So in honor of both, we pick that letter.” The couple is originally from Guatemala and has relocated to North Carolina.

Rearing Up The Children With Christian Values

It would be pretty easy to assume that both the husband and the wife are quite busy with their big family. Since they have quite strong Christian foundations, they are trying to raise their kids in the same way.

Our children, they love each other and enjoy all going to school together. They all have chores to do. They way at 5:30 am to go to school, come back, and help care for the seven babies and the household.

The Hernandez family with their 16 children.
Image Credits: Patty Hernandez

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As the children go to school, their parents have quite a hectic job on their hands. They have to settle their house chores and get on with their business. And this needs to be done before 1 pm- when the kids are about to take a nap.

We love the lord, so are teaching them about the Bible. We want them to be good people; that is one of the best bonds we all share.

With 16 children, the family has to work as a team. Every child knows their duty- and completes it to the best of their abilities. Patty, the mother of the household, is proud that they don’t have to rely on the state. Needless to say, the financial expenses are through the roof, but the family has been managing to deal with them. Patty does agree that the food bill can get quite astronomical.

We spend over 500 dollars on food every week- and that’s not including diapers and other things.

The mother also expressed that the birth of her 16th child was quite a surprise. “We found out in 2020 that God was blessing us with one more. Though I had a really good pregnancy, it was the longest pregnancy ever. I was almost 42 weeks when Clayton came.

Not Stopping at 16

You would think that a family of 16 would be enough, but not so for the Hernandezs. According to The Mirror, Patty Hernandez said: “We are trying for baby number 17. We are doing God’s will and our prayer to him is to extend our family more if he wants to.

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