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Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
July 8, 2024 ·  4 min read

Everyone Judges Poor Kids Holding Piece of Cardboard with “Help Our Mom!” Written on It – Short Story

A little kindness goes a long way. When people take the first step to help others, they don’t know how their actions can positively affect the world. What may seem like a little giving can create a large impact. This was true for the man who took pity on two children begging outside of a shopping mall. When no one would help them, he took them under his wing. But he had no idea how this would change his life.

Please give money to help our mom

The luxury mall’s halls were decked with boughs of holly as well as garlands, golden bells, evergreen trees, fairy lights, and ornaments. People came to shop for the holiday and everyone was in a festive mood. Except for the two children who stood outside the mall. They huddled next to the entrance in coats too thin for the chilly November weather. They held a small cardboard sign that read, “Please give money to help our mom,” in large childish writing. 

The glum children dampened the cheery holiday mood as people passed them by. Many shoppers kept their eyes carefully averted away from the kids. They didn’t have time in their busy schedule to stop. Plus, they didn’t know what the kids were really collecting for. Some assumed people were using the sad-looking children to extort money. Perhaps, the sign referred to “helping their mom” by providing money for drugs and alcohol. No one wanted to get involved with that.

However, some shoppers were so bothered by the sight, they reported the children to the mall’s security. After all, they came to shop for lavish gifts, not to see two beggars. The security guard came to shoo the kids away. “Move along,” he said. “You can’t beg here.

We’re not doing anything wrong,” one of the children protested. “We’re allowed to stand outside.”

Where are your parents?” the guard said. “What are their phone numbers?

The children refused to say anything more and the guard eventually gave up. The eldest sister looked around 12-years-old, technically old enough to be out without adult supervision. Her younger brother looked like he was eight but he held himself in a confident stance with a determined look in his eyes. Despite their persistence, they didn’t earn much money by the end of the day.

What do you need money for?

Just before closing time, a man approached them with a pizza box. “You must be hungry,” he said. 

The boy eagerly took a slice of steaming pizza but the older sister was more hesitant. “We really need money, not food,” she said. After her hesitation, she also took a slice. By then, her brother had already finished his pizza and reached for more.

The man sat down next to him. “What do you need money for?

We’re trying to help our mother,” she explained between chewing. “She has cancer in her brain and we ran out of money but she needs to have surgery.

The man looked stunned but then he smiled. He introduced himself as Clark. “Would I be able to visit your mother? I’m a doctor and I might be able to help.

The children, named Dienna and Seth, insisted on seeing his hospital ID card before agreeing to bring him home. When they arrived, their mother, Yvette, nearly cried from relief. She had been calling all of their friends and neighbors. She had no idea where her children had gone. However, her relief turned into alarm when she saw Clark. “Who are you?”

My name is Dr. Clark Harrison,” he said. “I’m a neurosurgeon and I’m going to take your case.”

Yvette was shocked. “I’m sorry but I can’t afford more doctor appointments.” But Clark dismissed this. “Consider this my holiday gift to your family.

Helping Others Can Help You

The next day, Yvette checked into Clark’s hospital. He discovered she had a complicated case but he still hoped he could help her. Dienna and Seth spent hours waiting in the lobby only to learn their mother had to stay overnight. With Yvette’s permission, Clark let them stay at his house, where they ordered pizza for dinner. This time, the kids got to choose their favorite toppings.

When the surgery date arrived, the procedure took hours as Dienna and Seth waited, unable to distract themselves with toys or the TV. At last, Clark returned to tell them the good news: the procedure was a success. He personally paid for the medical expenses, plus the physiotherapy that followed.

Yvette was beyond grateful for Clark’s help, so she began inviting him for dinners as a small way to express her thanks. At first, he came infrequently, then more and more. The four spent several holidays together as if they were a real family. Until Clark decided to make it official and proposed to Yvette. When Dienna and Seth tried to get help for their mother, they had no idea what miracle was about to await them. And when Clark went out of his way to help them, he had no idea that he was helping his future family.

This story was inspired by an original piece of fiction. Any similarities between this story and actual people are purely coincidental.

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