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Jade Small
Jade Small
May 15, 2023 ·  3 min read

‘I didn’t share snacks with hungry kid when stuck on train, he’s not my problem’

A Reddit post has once again made its way into a viral sensation. People are torn between their opinions of s woman who was not keen on sharing her groceries with a hungry child. However, some have sided with her decision after she provided some context of the situation.

Train Stopped for 30 minutes

A woman living in Manhattan had taken a day to do her monthly grocery shopping. The market she liked was a fair journey from her home. But, it was worthwhile for her as they were affordable and sold healthy foods. Upon her trip home, the train happened to be confronted with some difficulties. They had to stop and wait till they could continue home. While they waited, a child sharing the same compartment started getting all fidgety and anxious. Soon, he complained to his mom that he was hungry. “Around the 10-minute mark a kid around five years old sitting across from me started squirming, complaining he was bored and hungry,” reads the Reddit post.

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The woman explained how the mother started asking her fellow passengers if they had any snacks. Eventually, she turned to the Reddit user sitting with her groceries bags. “The lady all of a sudden turned to me, and asked if I had bought any granola bars or something and if I could give one to him,” she added. “Which, no I hadn’t, and I told her just as much. She then asked if I would open up the box of crackers (visible from the top of the bag) and give some to her kid.

Not Keen on Sharing

The Reddit poster explained that she wasn’t sure how long they would have to sit and wait for their subway to get moving again. This made her apprehensive about sharing as it meant opening her food inside the train. “So I just told her ‘No, sorry, I don’t want to open them here’. She said ‘Wow you’re a nice lady, that’s for sure.’ She kept giving me dirty looks for the rest of the stop and kept doing so until she got off before me,” reads the post.

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She was not keen on sharing
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Her partner completely agreed with her not sharing the food when she explained the scenario as she got home. “I told my partner about this and she said that I’m not in the wrong, she’s glad I didn’t open our groceries on the subway. On the other hand, I’m starting to feel really bad about it because it was a hungry kid, and of course, you want to give a hungry kid food. I don’t know what to think.”

Internet opinions

Many people that read her post said she did the right thing in not sharing her groceries. Mostly, they said it was strange that the mother of the child asked strangers for food. They also pointed out that she should have packed snacks for her kid.

One person commented: “I feel like the bare minimum you can do if you are a parent traveling with a child is carry some water and crackers for emergencies. It had also only been 10 minutes. If you had sat there for hours I could understand asking you for help and pooling resources but a five-year-old kid can survive not eating for a while.”

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Another commented: “I can’t imagine ever asking a stranger to feed my kid and getting annoyed that they didn’t – that’s some weird entitlement she has.” Finally, a third agreed: “I could see it if they were stuck somewhere for hours/days. But this was a half an hour. The kid was feeling peckish, he was not going hungry.”

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