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April 15, 2024 ·  3 min read

Couple win battle to give son name after registrar tried to stop them

Imagine arriving at the registrar, heart brimming with joy after just welcoming your child into this world, only to be told they will not approve your baby’s name. Seems bizarre, right? Well, this is exactly what happened to one couple from the UK. They decided on a rather controversial name that the registrar thought was inappropriate for a baby. They felt so strongly against the name choice that the couple had to go to court to fight for the right to name their child, Lucifer.

The registrar is against controversial names

When Dan and Mandy Sheldon were expecting their baby boy, neither dreamed that the name they chose would strike up such resistance. However, on the day they went to register their baby, the clerk asked them for his name. After they told the registrar what name they wished to bestow upon their son, they were met with plane animosity. For you see, they wished to give their child one of the most controversial names known in human history – Lucifer.

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The registrar allegedly told Dan that his and Mandy’s baby boy would never “succeed in life” or amount to anything with a name like Lucifer. But, for Dan and Mandy, who are not religious, this was extremely hurtful to say. It made a day that is generally celebrated by new parents into a bad memory. In a live interview, Dan appeared holding his four-month-old baby. He said: “It should have been a joyous day and it was very hurtful. We didn’t know what to say, we didn’t know what response to give to her.”

Luckily for Dan, Mandy, and baby Lucifer, the registrar realized they had no leg to stand on. In other words, the UK has no laws on banning any controversial names. The county council in Derbyshire did issue a statement as an apology to Lucifer and his parents. They stated: “We apologize if they were offended but it is the job of our registrars to advise in these matters as sometimes people are not aware of certain meanings or associations around certain names.”

Baby Lucifer, given the most controversial name
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What’s Wrong With Lucifer?

For the religious folk, a controversial name like Lucifer might dredge up some deeply disturbed feelings. This is especially the case for Christians, who believe in the Devil. Some people believe that Lucifer was the Devil’s name before he was banished from God’s kingdom of Heaven. It was an angelic name, that was given to him when he was an angel of God. Even though the bible never actually says this in so many words. It almost seems to be implied because, from the moment Lucifer was banished, the name does not appear again. From that moment of banishment, he was referred to as Satan or the Devil.

The name Lucifer might seem like a shocking choice to some, but many people might appreciate its deeper meaning. Aside from being a name that one can call the Devil, it has a much more positive connotation. As a Latin word, it translates to “bringer of light,” which is quite the opposite of the typical understanding of the word Lucifer. In ancient Rome, the Romans would refer to the morning star as Lucifer because it was visible in the sky right before the sun would rise. Making it the “bringer of light.

The prophet Isaiah is quoted in the Old Testament saying, “How are you fallen from heaven, O Morning Star, son of the dawn.” In the Latin translation, the “morning star” would be written as Lucifer. In the early days of Christianity, people believed Isaiah was talking to the Devil, which might explain how the controversial name Lucifer was then associated with Satan.

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