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Jade Small
March 14, 2024 ·  4 min read

Couple adopts neighbor’s 3 children after she passes and then the community rallies together

Sometimes the kindness of others can remind you of how beautiful the world really is. While there will always be negatives and downsides to things, there is also good news out there. And, there are good people too. Many people have learned to not ask for help, or to not reach out when they need something. But, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a helping hand now and then. The actions and big hearts of others may surprise you.

Cancer Diagnosis

It all started when a lovely woman named Audrey asked her neighbors a favor. Audrey had 3 children and needed someone to watch them while she went to the hospital for some tests. The neighbors and Audrey didn’t talk much, and they weren’t exactly close. However, they kindly agreed, since Audrey was always so pleasant when they did see her.

Tisha and Kevin Beauchmin, the neighbors, had 5 kids of their own at the time. So, adding another 3 to the mix for a little while wasn’t too much trouble. The Beauchmin’s didn’t have much and they weren’t wealthy, but they did what they could to help out when Audrey asked.

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Audrey expected the tests to be simple and for the doctors to find a solution to her illness. Instead, she received devastating news. The doctors told Audrey that she had stage 2 esophageal cancer.

Neighbors Become Heros

Not knowing who to turn to or what else to do, Audrey turned to her neighbors. Since the Beauchmin’s were so kind to her before, Audrey approached them with her unusual request.

After explaining that she had cancer and likely didn’t have long to live, Audrey asked the couple to be the legal guardian of her children when she passes. Tisha, a Las Vegas bingo cashier, and Kevin, a casino worker, already had five children of their own. However, they agreed to help Audrey because they just couldn’t say no to her.

Audrey in hospital with her 3 kids
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Tish, who spent time in an orphanage as a child, didn’t want to see Audrey’s kids go through the same thing she did. So, she agreed to help Audrey out h however she could. As Audrey’s illness progressed, Tish and Kevin knew that she didn’t have much longer. So, they did everything they could to keep their new family together and full of love.

Stage 2 cancer quickly became stage 4 cancer, and Audrey passed away a few weeks later.

New Family Gets New Home

Having a household of seven and making it a household for 10 isn’t an easy thing to do. Tish wanted to make sure that Audrey’s kids were well taken care of. Even though they didn’t have much to offer, and space was limited. Knowing that those 3 children had lost their mother and how their hearts must be breaking deeply affected Tish and Kevin. They wanted to do more but didn’t have the resources.

That’s when a neighbor of theirs did something amazing. Elizabeth Holmes reached out to the Fox5 Surprise Squad and told them about the Beauchmin’s and what they’d recently done for Audrey. She mentioned how there just wasn’t enough room in the home for all those kids, and they were struggling to make ends meet. So, Fox5 paid Tish and Kevin a visit.

Kevin and Tisha became emotional after discovering what the Surprise Squad had done for them.
YouTube – Fox5

When the crew arrived, Tish and Kevin were pleasantly shocked to hear they would be getting some renovations done. However, they thought all that would be done was build a wall for the boys to have their own room. What they got instead was much, much more.

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Paying it Forward

When the Beauchmins did something kind for Audrey and her kids, they started a wheel of karmic goodness even if they didn’t know it at the time. Elizabeth Holmes did something out of the kindness of her heart too, and it paid off for the Beauchmins. As a result, an entire family received a miracle.

When the Beachmins returned home from their 4-day hotel stay, they were once again greeted by the Fox5 crew. Expecting to see a new boys’ room, they opened their eyes to something much more amazing.

New furniture was placed in the house for each of the children. Brand new rooms for each kid, so they all had their own space. Plus, the eldest child in the bunch received $1500 to get himself an apartment. To top it all off, the family received a new vehicle and groceries for a full year, courtesy of Nissan.

Watch the full story above to see how this tale of kindness and generosity turned out. And remember, good deeds do pay off in the end. Kindness is out there, and all it takes to discover it, is to also be it.

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