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Jade Small
December 25, 2023 ·  4 min read

Childless man was happy to become a godfather (until he read the fine print)

Becoming a godparent is a great honor. Arguably even more so for a childless man who really loves kids but never had his own. Better yet, when a best friend asks you to become the godparent of your child, it is certainly a beautiful feeling! However, when this man was asked to be the godparent of his best friend’s child, he got a little more than expected! The thread has since been deleted from Reddit; however, the original post was uploaded to the AITA Twitter. With that said, remember, this is a Reddit post, so verifying the authenticity of the story isn’t really possible. However, if this is true, we have to laugh at the extremes some people go to!

Becoming a Godparent

What should have been a beautiful moment turned into one of disbelief for this childless man. He took to the popular Reddit forum, Am I The A**hole (AITA), to share his story. After his best friend graciously asked him to become the Godfather of his child, he handed him a nice envelope. What was inside, you may ask? A legally binding contract! And while the anonymous man thought the whole ordeal was a bit much, he decided to read the contract anyway. Bear in mind that the family who asked him to be a Godparent are Catholic.

At first glance, the contract seemed to be pretty straightforward and doable. It made some reasonable requests, such as his presence being required at all Catholic events—for instance, the Christening, Confession, and the soon-to-be daughters’ Confirmation. However, the childless man was soon shocked to see the next part. It turns out, to be the Godfather of his friend’s daughter, he was expected to not only convert to Catholicism but give the child a gift of…wait for it…$30,000 over an 18 year period.

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A Childless Man

According to the post on Reddit, which has since been removed, the man and his wife had no children, nor did they have any family. Apparently, the man who asked him to be his unborn daughters Godfather even went as far as reminding him that he’s “the only family they got.” This is what had the poster feeling obliged to say yes. Although, after opening the envelope, he changed his mind pretty fast!

The husband asked me if I could be Jane’s godfather… I was honored. My friend was thrilled and the next day he dropped off an envelope with some papers in it.

After he left I looked and it was a legal contract that I needed to sign in order to be the godfather. Obviously, I thought it was a bit overboard but gave it a read anyway. It has many things I MUST do as a godfather. Such as I must go to every catholic event which Jane attends, such as christening, confession, confirmation…etc. Which I know are normal events for a Catholic child’s life.”

To read the full transcript of the original Reddit threat, check out this twitter post from AITA.
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Opting Out

The poster on Reddit says he soon told his friend he, unfortunately, had to decline, much to his dismay. Being a childless man was tough, but the requests in those documents were far tougher! He goes on to say that his friend was not too pleased about his choice. He went as far as blocking his emails and phone number as did his wife, who had become close with the unborn baby’s mother.

Since he ended things, I shredded the papers he gave me and left them in a bag and put it in his mailbox for him … telling him it was a shame he ruined a friendship over ridiculous demands. I told him I forgive him regardless.”


So what do you think? Was this man justified in his rejecting his Godfather opportunity, or were these demands as outlandish as they sound? Let us know in the comments.

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