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Jade Small
Jade Small
June 10, 2021 ·  3 min read

Teacher Shares Appalling Text Messages She Received from an Entitled Parent Whose Kid Doesn’t Show Up to Class

We live in a world where teachers are people who are so massively underappreciated. Every single day, teachers wake up early to drive to schools to teach our children. They put up with their nonsense; they take their flack. And still, they go back every day to do it all again just to ensure that our kids get the education that they deserve. Sometimes, it is more than just a bratty kid they need to deal with, but an entitled parent too!

Now with remote work and remote schooling happening, things are even harder on teachers. We as parents often do not realize how much teachers are having to deal with. One would also imagine that since we as parents are having a hard time adjusting to the new cyber world we live in, teachers are too.

The following story about a rather entitled parent may be a bit shocking to you; I know I would never act this way or speak this way to my Child’s educator. We, as parents, need to take some responsibility. On a side note, please understand that because this was posted on Imgur, we can not really verify how true the story is. We are still sure such people most certainly exist!

An entitled parent

In October last year, during one of the toughest times of the pandemic, user  DontTakeMySparkle took to Imgur to share some screenshots of text messages she had received from an irate parent. Right off the bat, the first message shows the parent being quite irritated and unable to understand why her child is not doing well in certain school subjects.

text message from entitled parent to teacher

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The teacher responds to the entitled parent as best she can, letting the parent know that her child has not been attending virtual classes.

text message from entitled parent to teacher continues

As seen in both the above and below screenshots, the parent then takes her entitlement to a new level,. She starts asking the teacher not to speak to her husband. The teacher, again, responds in a professional manner. Letting the entitled parent know that her expectations are ridiculous. She goes on to say that she will gladly schedule a meeting with the school if she prefers.

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text message from entitled parent to teacher continues

Parents like this actually exist

In her final message to user DontTakeMySparkle, the irritated parent responds in a manner that is clearly defensive. It is obvious she realizes that the fault is hers and not the educators! We think the last reply from the teacher is just perfect!


What are your thoughts? Have you ever gone off at a teacher because of your child’s marks? If yes, who was really at fault? As parents, it is time that we cut some slack to the educators who honestly do their best to help our kids succeed.

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Attention: While many of these stories are interesting, and we would love to take their word for it, the content in this article was taken from an unverifiable source (i.e., a Reddit forum). As such, we cannot guarantee that these events truly happened in the way that they are described in the original source.