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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
May 12, 2022 ·  4 min read

Dad Overhears A Conversation Between His New Wife And His Son, Cancels The Mother’s Day Celebration He’d Planned

Open communication is very important for a healthy family dynamic. While one might find it difficult to bear certain harsh truths, honesty is always the better option. Otherwise, it would result in scuffles, quarrels, and passive aggression. Along with communication, a family also needs healthy boundaries. One simply can’t just walk all over you- simply because you are related. Everyone has their own limits- and no one gets to cross them. Else, you might find yourself in a situation similar to u/FredWalker37. This Redditor went on r/AITA to post about a serious issue that was plaguing their family. 

Step-Mother Doesn’t Want Son To Be At Mother’s Day Celebration

“I (M/37) have a 13-year-old son. I was a widower when I met my now wife…As mother’s day was approaching, I wanted to throw my wife a surprise mother’s day celebration. It was no longer a surprise because my stepdaughter gave her the heads so she could prepare. Yesterday I got off work earlier than usual to get final arrangements done…and while I was entering the house through the front door I overheard my wife and stepdaughter talking to my son. My wife was asking my son if he could convince me to let him stay home and not go with them to the restaurant to celebrate. I paused and decided to keep listening. My son asked why and she told him that his introverted and socially inept attitude will make her family uncomfortable and will ruin the mood…He kept reassuring her but she snapped and told him that technically, she’s not his mom so she didn’t get why she wanted to celebrate mother’s day with her so badly.”


Listening to this would make any father angry. After all, as a widower- it was quite a cheap blow that OP’s wife hurled at his son.

“I told my wife that the celebration was off, canceled. She tried to argue asking why repeatedly and I told her why. She tried to explain that she didn’t mean it like that and that I only heard part of the conversation but not all of it. I told her I was done arguing and the decision was already made. She yelled asking what she was going to tell her family and said that I was making a tremendous mistake towards her.”

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Reddit Slammed The Wife for her insensitive Remarks

Needless to say, the entire community was up in arms against the stepmother. u/No-Royal6008 stated:

“Guarantee they have done this before. Circle the wagons, protect your son. Such disgusting abuse from your wife upon your son. To make it even worse, she is raising her daughter to be cruel and exclusionary. Your son deserves so much better.”

u/Izzy4162305 also reiterated the same thing:

“Oh my God. OP, it’s highly unlikely this is the first time either of them has been nasty to him. You are ALL HE HAS in this world. Please hire a really good shark of a divorce lawyer and divorce this woman ASAP. You need to protect your son and yourself. Get a lawyer NOW and ask them about having your wife removed from the house. Also, I have had two stepmothers in my lifetime, and neither of them ever said anything remotely that shitty. Anyone with remotely decent parental instincts would not say that to a child, even if they themselves were not a parent.”

Leave The Wife- Focus on The Son

Also, introversion doesn’t really turn into antisocial behavior- as the stepmother believed. As mentioned by Suzanne Degges-White, a Professor at Northern Illinois University, “During the pandemic, people who tend towards introversion were able to grow comfortably in this identity and were able to disconnect from life’s requirements for extroverting behaviors. While many extroverts had to spend more time alone, they didn’t necessarily grow more introverted, but found more ways to connect to others.

u/Ascended-General is all of us when they mentioned:

“Please tell me you went to talk to him after this. Your wife wants your son left out. I’d be having a serious conversation about that. If she doesn’t drop it, if she doesn’t start treating your son as a part of the family, I hate to say this, but divorce her- because no woman is worth losing your child over. You’re a dual package. Her excuse about him being an introvert was shite. No way in hell he’d ruin a dinner by being polite and keeping to himself. She just wanted him out of there. Please be there for your son. She poked a bad wound with her comments. Being reminded you don’t have a mother to celebrate on this day is…terrible.”

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