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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
September 14, 2023 ·  5 min read

Bruce Springsteen, 73, Forced to Delay Shows After Health Scare

Although Bruce Springsteen is getting older and has recently faced some health concerns, his music and talent are timeless. Alongside his health announcement came the news that the band would be postponing their tour dates. With more than 100 top hits, either written or recorded, it’s no wonder fans are feeling some concern for the priceless gem.

Bruce Springsteen’s Humble Beginnings

Bruce Springsteen was born on September 23, 1949, in Long Branch, New Jersey. He grew up in a humble home in Freehold, New Jersey. His mother worked as a secretary in a local insurance office. Meanwhile, his father spent a great deal of time going from job to job. The town Bruce and his family lived in, was a mill town. Therefore, his father took a crack at being a mill worker. He also spent some time working as a prison guard and bus driver. Bruce Springsteen has 2 sisters but is significantly older than both, Virginia and Pamela.

Bruce Springsteen Credits His Parents

Although many people think of celebrities as having a perfect life, many are fueled by their hardships. Most successful performers, songwriters, and producers have a history of abuse, neglect, or some other form of unimaginable challenge for a child to bear. Bruce Springsteen is no exception, he and his father had a tumultuous relationship. In fact, Bruce Springsteen once said, “When I was growing up, there were two things that were unpopular in my house,” the singer later recalled. “One was me, and the other was my guitar.”

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Bruce Springsteen Falls for Music

Although Bruce Springsteen eventually credited his father for his success, they struggled to see eye to eye for many years. “My parents’ experience forged my own. They shaped my politics, and they alerted me to what is at stake when you’re born in the U.S.A.” He said during his “Hall of Fame Induction” acceptance speech. Although many artists influenced and inspired Bruce Springsteen, he first fell in love with Rock ‘n’ Roll after he first saw Elvis Presley perform. The “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” performed on the Ed Sullivan Show, and Bruce Springsteen’s life changed forever. For his 16th birthday, his mother took out a loan to buy him a $60 guitar, and he never stopped playing. Her investment and support into her son’s dreams would ultimately change not just their lives but the lives of music lovers everywhere.

Bruce Springsteen struggled to fit in at his Catholic School and was eventually drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. However, he semi-intentionally failed his physical, and spent the rest of his career, pursuing his passion. The singer, songwriter, and bandleader is recognized for more than 100 top hits throughout his career.

Most notably, Bruce Springsteen is known for producing music that is thought-provoking, if not a little controversial. Although he often preferred to avoid any political statements. He began performing live shows in the 1980’s and, astonishingly, performs for 3-4 hours at a time.

Announcing Health Concerns

Set to be on tour, Bruce Springsteen has made an announcement regarding his health and has had to postpone some dates. According to his Instagram account, the performer, “is being treated for symptoms of peptic ulcer disease and the decision of his medical advisors is that he should postpone the remainder of his September shows.”

Over here on E Street, we’re heartbroken to have to postpone these shows. First, apologies to our fabulous Philly fans who we missed a few weeks ago. We’ll be back to pick these shows up and then some. Thank you for your understanding and support. We’ve been having a blast at our US shows and we’re looking forward to more great times. We’ll be back soon.”

While it’s not uncommon people to have ulcers, the condition that Bruce Springsteen is currently facing is caused by a bacterial infection, ulcers, another name for painful sores, develop in the stomach lining and opening to the small intestine. Although these linings are generally covered with a protective layer, stomach acid can cause damage over time. When that layer becomes weak a bacteria called, H. Pylori seeps in and causes painful sores.

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The Cause of Ulcers

A few examples of reasons one may have a compromised protective layer include the obvious drinking and smoking. A family history of the disease or another illness that impacts the liver, kidneys, or lungs. Or frequent use of over-the-counter pain relievers, such as Advil, Motrin, and Aspirin.

Previously, it was believed that eating certain foods, such as spicy foods, could cause ulcers. Medical researchers haven’t found any evidence to prove that. However, stress has been shown to increase the production of stomach acid. Therefore, in some cases symptoms may worsen. Alternatively, in 90% of cases the cause of an ulcer was through an H. Pylori bacterial infection. With the other percentage being caused by the use of other medications like steroids, having surgery, or being severely ill from another type of infection or disease.

Furthermore, the only treatment is antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.

Although not all symptoms will be the same for everyone, some of the most common include heartburn between meals or at night. Rapid weight loss, vomiting, and discolored stools.

Bruce Springsteen Hopes to Return

As a result, Bruce Springsteen is taking some time away from touring to care for his health, a promise he made to his wife and doctor. The band had eight shows through the end of September that were canceled. However, the band seemingly intends to continue touring in November, assuming Bruce can get his health back on track.

Bruce Springsteen is 73 and still gives audiences a performance to remember. Truly an example for many to live by, continuing to remain active and pursue his passion years beyond many other performers.

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